I should be sleeping but I slept in super late today due to being up way late last night. I got up early yesterday morning to play some Destiny, then yy cousin came to visit last night and we gamed for several hours, followed by more gaming with a buddy of mine out west. I ended up going to bed close to 3:30am, which is almost unheard of for me these days, and waking up after 1:00pm today, likewise almost unheard of lately. 'Twas a good day though, so much gaming, wow. Destiny by myself, Far Cry 3 co-op with my cousin, and NHL 14 co-op with my buddy. Good times.

Back to work tomorrow and it's the first day with the new lawyer. I've been counting down the days because man am I ever burned out. I may even try to find some days to take off later in October or November to make up for the last month or so, because damn. It's been so hectic. I like being busy but it sucks coming in nearly every day and having someone ask "so who's doing this trial/settlement conference/hearing tomorrow?" or likewise. So much crap kept popping up at the last minute that left my double or even triple booked, it's so damn stressful. With the new person taking off the departed lawyer's calendar that should hopefully come to an end because damn. Everyone's been very nice in accommodating me and my no-idea-where-I'm-supposed-to-be daily routine but it's so tiring and stressful, I won't miss it at all.

Other than that, wondering what to do with XP. The changes to the game are a few months off but we're discussing it now to see where everyone's head is at. I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing yet but I have a good idea, I think. It could change for sure but I think I'm just going to start over altogether. Lots of people seem to be aging people up though and I want to have younger characters so I don't know where that's going to leave me, so I need to think about that too. Don't want to overthink it just yet though, but we'll see what happens I suppose.

For now though I should already be asleep, whoops, so off I go. Only a few more sleeps until hockey starts too, which is awesome. :)

An update

May. 11th, 2014 10:26 pm
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I've been meaning to write an entry for ages, ever since Christmas actually, but haven't until now. Life's been crazy busy and it's hard to believe that much time has passed, yet here we are. A lot of it has been due to work, and then in turn coming home from work I've been losing myself in video games for the most part as a way to unplug.

Work itself has been good, but very, very busy. April was especially difficult, as the other lawyer in the office was gone for five weeks, from the end of March until the first full week of May. During that time I had a long trial that ate up virtually the entire month, too, with a difficult subject matter, all of which lead to me being drained. Honestly I'm still recovering, and it's probably going to take awhile - May is fairly busy too, though with the other lawyer back and the awesome news that we're getting another one for the office it'll get better.

As a reward for surviving it, we've booked a week long trip to Mexico for June, which is going to be awesome. I've never been and I'm really looking forward to being able to relax and just do nothing for so long. I'm usually not one for warm weather but being at an all inclusive resort will be a much different scenario than being here and having to work and such, I'm sure.

With respect to gaming, I've been playing tons of Marvel Heroes, omg. Through various buy one, get one free sales and cheap random hero boxes, combined with spending in game currency I've earned from playing, I own almost every hero (I think I'm at 27 of 33, holy crap) and have been trying to play them all. The level cap is 60 and I've got 5 there so far, with a few more at 25-30 or so. You get a bonus to your xp the more that you level characters, up to 200% total, and I think I'm at 90%+ bonus now so levelling isn't bad at all. It's fun and it's been a great way to not think about work once I get home, heh.

Other than that, I've been trying to read and write more but I've been failing miserably. The NHL playoffs have consumed a lot of my time too, so between that and my newfound passion for Marvel Heroes I've had very little free time outside of that. That's another thing I'm looking forward to during our vacation, taking a few books with me and reading on a nice, warm beach somewhere. The writing, though, I don't know what to do about that. I've taken part in a few exchanges but haven't really been happy with my work, other than the latest one which got a very kind review from its recipient. We'll see how that goes I guess.

Oh, and speaking of travel, I'll be going to a conference for work in July, which is awesome. It's only in Halifax but I like it there, and it'll be a nice little break to get away for a bit. It's coming less than a month after my week off in Mexico but still, it'll be nice. Then a few weeks after -that- my in-laws will be visiting and I'll be off for another few weeks.

It's going to be a nice summer, I think, and I desperately need the break, so I can't wait for it to start. With the addition of the third lawyer here's hoping things get back to normal sooner rather than later, because this pace has been crazy. I still wouldn't go back to private practice, but I really can't wait for this to get easier as well. While there's pretty much no financial stress these days, there's a different kind of stress that's more manageable but managing it is another job in and of itself. We're just long overdue for a break and we'll be getting it soon, along with much needed help, so things are starting to look up.


Nov. 5th, 2013 11:08 pm
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Keep meaning to do this but keep getting side tracked, so in the interest of time here's a little update by way of bullet points beneath the cut.

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So, tomorrow is the first day of both my and [livejournal.com profile] believeitup's new job, holy crap. We both knew it was coming but it's hard to believe it's almost here, that it's really happening. Very excited, pretty nervous too, but it's going to be ok, I know it will be.

Off to bed now that I've made myself post something, haha, will try to update more going forward now that the stress and hustle of cluing up my former job is now behind me. :)

on relaxing

May. 26th, 2013 11:58 pm
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Had a nice, relaxing day, highlighted by sampling the new Arrested Development episodes - only watched two because Sara's not quit caught up and has two episodes left in season three yet; I couldn't resist watching at least some of them while she was attending a bridal shower this afternoon XD - and reading a lot. I even took a nice bath in the middle of the afternoon, reading a long ago started D&D book for which I've bought sequels that I've yet to get to as well, heh. Never winter has gotten me into reading a lot of the old Forgotten Realms stuff I've left laying about, which is good. Finished Elminster Must Die and now it's onto Bury Elminster Deep. Still not a fan of the whole 4th Edition Spellplague stuff, mreh, but it's nice to revisit some of the old characters again. Plus having it all tied in with the new MMO is kinda cool too.

Yesterday and Friday night were more of the same. Meant to try and write but it didn't happen. It's all good, though, no worries. There's a local competition which I want to try, and had intended to last year but forgot, whoops. Submissions are due in early July so I've plenty of time, and it's only 1200 words, so we'll see if I can get anything together to submit this time around. There's no fee either, which is good, and you can submit up to two works, so if inspiration really strikes I can try a few things. I won't hold my breath though and will count myself lucky if I can get even one thing submitted for it. XD We'll see, good to have goals at any rate, right?

May Two Four

May. 20th, 2013 11:38 pm
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It was a pretty sedate long weekend for me, and not what I'd planned to do at all, but it still turned out to be an awesome one. Our plan was to stay with friends of ours at their cabin, which is about a 3.5 hour drive or so away, but that got scrapped when the forecast Saturday morning projected 30-35cm of snow there overnight with another 10cm the next day. There were supposed to be 16 of us there, and almost everyone pulled out aside from the 2 owners, who went out Friday night, and I think 3 other people. I feel bad because they're great friends of ours and it would've been a blast, but damn, that much snow is something to fear. Especially now, with snow tires having to be removed by April 30th (ours were off just before that), and given the remote location of the cabin (downhill and a few minutes' drive off the paved road = near impassable if we did get the snow) and the fact that Sara sadly didn't have today off like I did, we just couldn't do it. Most of the other people canceled too, but there's talk of going back for Labour Day weekend so I hope that works out. I really do love going out there, and have a blast every time I do, but it just wasn't meant to be this time round. The kicker is that while they did get some snow it wasn't really all that bad, haha. Oh well.

Instead we both stayed at home all day Saturday and relaxed. Having passed out at a decent hour on Friday night I was up by 9am and, once the cabin plans were off, I called my cousin. He'd offered a day in the city on Sunday after I helped him with some stuff, all expenses paid, to see a movie and grab a bite to eat, but we'd put it on hold after I told him I'd be gone this weekend. That was able to happen now, and we made plans for Sunday, with Saturday being a completely found day. I managed to get in some reading, along with a lot of Neverwinter playing (some with [livejournal.com profile] writteninsable and [livejournal.com profile] econ_cat, holla~!), and all in all it was a fantastic, relaxing day, just what I needed. On top of that, my uncle was in town from Ontario and he took us all out for supper, which was awesome, to celebrate my late grandmother's birthday. We did this the previous two years, with my mother's siblings making a concerted effort to gather for Nan's birthday on May 5th and to enjoy the time we have together after my Aunt Marilyn's unexpected passing at 54 in late 2010. Nan passed away in March so there wasn't a big, formal supper or anything, of course, but when my uncle came back this time we still rounded up everyone who was around to celebrate her memory. There were, gosh, maybe 14 of us I think? A big crowd, to be sure, and it was an awesome meal with my family, even if some of the food was mreh. The company was great, but some of the food was great and some not-so-great, and the service was pretty slow and lackluster; taking 10m to deliver drinks, when a lot of it was just plain beer and scotch on the rocks (for me :D) was odd, and forgetting glasses for those who asked, lime for one drink, etc. Things like that were common, and then the main meal was hit and miss, as my meat was fine but the side was small and not the best. Just a weird experience, but being there with family meant it didn't matter as much. After that I came home and played Neverwinter until I passed out, essentially, haha.

Sunday I got up early-ish, even after my late night of gaming, and drove to my cousin's house for 10am. He then drove us into the city from there - he lives about 15m away so I met him there, as the city is going the opposite way from us - and we spent most of the day in there. That was nice, because even just getting to chat with Terry is fun, and we haven't done that in ages. He's been sick, having had back surgery not too long ago and might have more in the near future, but he's able to at least get around more now. We hit up Chapters, where I picked up my only purchase of the day, the first book in a Neverwinter series that ties into the aforesaid MMO hehe, and then we had lunch together at Montana's. I forewent my usual steak dinner, partly because it seemed like they only had a lunch menu on and there was virtually no steak options on it as opposed to their supper menu, and partly because I wanted to try their ribs. I'd had a small portion of ribs with my supper the previous night, so I wanted to give Montana's a shot, and Terry had the same, and man. Deeeeeeeeelish, omg. That was a fabulous meal, then we hit up Best Buy and Staples so Terry could pick up some things before returning to the mall to see Star Trek: Into Darkness. No spoilers, but I liked it a lot. Maybe not quite as much as the first one, to be honest, but I'll see how I feel after seeing it a few more times. Definitely one I'll be buying once it comes out. The only bad thing about the movie experience was the renovations to the theatre, which left only one long ass line for food, and maybe they weren't expecting many people because of the long weekend (usually people go camping for May 24th but not us XD) but dang, it was slammed. So much so that even though we got there ~15-20m before the movie started, normally plenty of time for food, there was no earthly way we were getting popcorn without missing some of the movie. So we capitulated and went to the local drug store in the mall, picking up some chips, chocolate, and pop there, which was much cheaper of course but dammit, I love me some movie popcorn. Ah well. We left for home after the movie and I caught the 3rd period of the Bruins/Rangers game at Terry's place (go Bruins, woo!) before heading back home. Sara and I made an early night of it, kind of, going to bed between the 2nd and 3rd periods of the Pens/Sens game, and I stopped fighting it and quickly fell asleep after the first overtime of that one.

Today I was up early again, around 9am, and it's been a pretty sedate day. I mainly watched hockey when it was on, read some more of the recent Neverwinter book I picked up, and messed around with the Goodreads app, adding a bunch of friends and a ton of books into my library there. Tomorrow or later on this week I may try and unpack a bunch of boxes I've had packed for ages, both to try and clean up a little and to get them added into my library as well. We'll see that goes, no huge hurry for that, but it'd be nice to find some of my old things again. I meant to do some writing and a bunch of other things but alas, I was lazy. It was a nice, relaxing day though so I'm grateful for that, and now it's off to bed to catch the end of the game and maybe read a bit before sleeping.

Last but certainly not least, Happy Anniversary to my amazing wife and best friend, [livejournal.com profile] believeitup! Love you and here's to spending many, many more together. ♥
I haven't been updating this as much as I should, but will try to cover everything that's been going on lately, with convenient LJ cuts and everything. :)

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Apr. 24th, 2013 01:19 pm
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Bit of a humbling birthday yesterday for me. The day in general was all right; had lots of kind people sending me good wishes on Facebook and in person, had lunch with my best friend, and a nice supper with my family. The worst part of the day was finally, finally hearing back from the job for which I applied way back in November last year with the news that I didn't get it. The person who called was very sympathetic, since I'd been calling her, what, at least once a week since January or so, and she encouraged me to re-send my resume since there may be more positions soon, but yeah.

It was a real bummer, especially when I got the message that she'd called me I sort of assumed it had to be good news, that they'd only send me a rejection letter if it wasn't meant to be, but nope. I appreciate that she wanted to tell me in person, that's very nice and professional of her, but still, kind of a crushing blow. I did so much work for them over the last several months when they were shorthanded, both to help that office and the court, and to show that I'm more than capable of doing the job, and it didn't amount to anything, apparently.

Well, it might have, because what might have happened was this: due to the partially-reversed-but-still-calling-for-positions-to-be-eliminated budget cuts, someone in another position with them might have gotten bumped, seeing their job cut but offered instead to fill this spot. I'll know once I find out who'll be working there, I suppose, and if that's the case it's a little different. Same end result for me, true, but I can appreciate someone who otherwise would've been unemployed choosing to instead fill another position; were it me faced with the same decision that's what I would've done, anyway. I can only hope the moving around and people retiring - the one lawyer who spoke out against the cuts accepted an early retirement package yesterday too, so that's another spot to be filled for example - might result in hiring one or more other people nearby, so it might all work out for the best in the end. A door closes, a window opens, etcetera. Time will tell.

That blow, and reflecting on some other people's situations in the world, made me realize that I should be grateful for what I do have: my wife, my friends, my family, my health, my full-time job, and a heck of a lot more. Things could be better, I guess, they always could be better, but more importantly they could be far worse than they are, so I should count my blessings.

So that's what I'm going to do. Time to put the nose to the grindstone and keep up all the great progress we've made at work lately. I got more incentive from a good friend last night, but more on that later, as it's time for lunch now. :)
I had a pretty good weekend, all things considered. Friday was very easy going, and I finished watching Season 7 of How I Met Your Mother, since Netflix finally fixed whatever was wrong with the episode that kept glitching out on me. Love that show so much, will be sad when it's over. I didn't do much else, really, and I think I actually fell asleep on the coach, whoops. I woke up after 1am and dragged myself to bed, where I slept in until the phone woke me the next morning.

A friend called me around 10:30am with a few questions, and then I was up for the day. I basically picked up where I left off Friday night with the whole 'doing nothing' thing, surfing a little, reading, and then being a grown up and doing the dishes and the like before the wife got home. We went into the city after her shift was done and had a very nice supper in the city, followed by some errands and then going to a friend's house to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. That was nice too, since my mother came into the city with us and drove all of us to and from said friend's house, enabling all of us to drink. We got home around 1:30am or so, not too, too bad, and had a good night's sleep.

Sunday we got up around 10am-ish and ran more errands, hitting up CostCo before it got too busy (it was still swamped with people at 11am-12noon, sheesh) and then grabbing a bite to eat. We hit up Chapters on the way out, and then Sara got a call from a friend asking us to run another errand for her, which we did, going to the Village Mall before heading back home. We got back around 3:30pm to an excited cat and had a relaxing Sunday afternoon and evening after that. Mom dropped in with cold plates for us, which was nice and saved us the trouble of cooking, and I introduced Sara to The English Patient, finally getting to watch the latest Blu-Ray release of it. I have it on... gee, VHS, DVD, and twice on Blu-Ray - the first release of which was only 720p, bah - but haven't watched it for ages, and Sara hadn't at all, so that was nice. Lots of special features on the newest, 1080p edition too, will have to watch those some time, and am inspired to re-read the book (or perhaps In The Skin Of A Lion, hmm).


Nov. 22nd, 2012 12:16 pm
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So, it's been awhile since I wrote in here. Nothing too exciting to report, but I'll put it behind a cut because I have a feeling I may get ramble-y just the same.

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Also, Happy Thanksgiving to my American family and friends, hope you have a great holiday! :)

Weird day

Sep. 11th, 2012 11:39 pm
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So, today ended up being a day off of sorts for me. Well, totally a day off because our office was closed all day and I didn't go to work, but it was because of Hurricane Leslie, which (thankfully) turned into Tropical Storm Leslie shortly after getting here.

Thankfully it went way better for us than the last big storm; the last one cost us a tree and basically had us redo our entire basement, all the flooring right down to the earth and ground up to 3' high of all the walls. It was a nightmare, walking into our basement and having the water be up to your knees, but at least we didn't have much there back then. Had that happened today, however, omg. Don't even want to think about it, and luckily we didn't have to worry much. Our part of the island only had to put up with the strong winds, and we got very little rain. Our power was only out until 11-11:30am or so, that was nice too. Other places in the city, including my sister's place, still don't have power, and there was some major damage in some places but we got out unscathed this time around.

I feel a little like I wasted the day but I did get some work done around the house, got to spend quality time with the cat haha, and had a nice day overall, so I shouldn't beat myself up over it. I also got to see Close Encounters of the Third Kind for the first time ever (I know, I know) which was nice too.

Tomorrow it's off to court, giving my uncle a ride into town to the airport on the way, then supper with friends after before coming back out. Should be a nice time, and I'll also be holding my breath that the meeting I hear the NHL and the NHLPA have in the morning turns out to be really good news.

busy busy

Jul. 20th, 2012 03:07 pm
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Real life continues to move at top speed, or so it seems lately. Last weekend was my cousin's wedding, in which I stood up for him, and the weekend before that was his bachelor party out in Terra Nova. The party was great, thanks to a rainy day turning decent just in time for 18 holes of golf, followed by a nice night of drinks and playing guitar until the wee small hours of the morning in a private chalet. Very good time indeed, and the wedding went well last weekend too.

I really enjoyed being a part of the wedding, and I've gotta say, the other guys who stood up for my cousin were really nice too. I knew some of them from back in the day, but there were a good many I hadn't met before the bachelor party and I'm glad to have gotten the chance to get to know them. Hopefully I'll see some of them around in the future, maybe golfing with Terry and some of them down the road, that'd be nice. There was talk of having another little get together before the end of the summer (many of them are teachers), this time with significant others invited too, for a BBQ and campfire / sing-a-long, which would be pretty awesome.

I've got another bachelor party and a wedding the next two weekends in a row, similarly involving another 18 holes of golf tomorrow. The last few years I've only gotten out, what, once or maybe twice tops each year, usually just for 9 holes, so this is a lot for me. I have a cheap set of clubs that's fitting for a hack such as myself, though if I keep going out as much as this (and if Terry and I do start playing more often) I may have to look into getting a better set. We'll see, it won't be this summer, but maybe next year. I do love the game; they say you only have to make one good shot each outing to make you want to come back and play again, and so far I've been able to meet that minimum criterion. I usually can drive ok (though I'm known to have a wicked hook a lot of the time >.>) and putting, while not a pro at all of course, I can do ok with, it's the irons that kill me. Getting from a decent tee shot onto the green in only a few shots is what destroys my game. Ideally I should hit a driving range more often (or at all) to work on things but it's kind of far away. I used to go all the time back when I was living in Marystown, which was about a 15-20 minute drive away; here the nearest one isn't too, too much further, maybe closer to 30 or just over, but I just can't be bothered. It helped that my buddy Marcus would come with me a lot of the time in Marystown but out here I don't have anyone, unless Terry and I start going.

We'll see how it goes anyway, I'm looking forward to it. After the first few holes in Terra Nova I started improving and by the back nine I was hooking/slicing things a lot less and hitting the irons more consistency. I even managed to par the 18th hole in Terra Nova, which is just a par 3 but you have to clear a large water hazard to get onto the green, which I did before 2 putting it for par. I was ecstatic though, haha.

Other than that, not a lot of news to report. Most of my free time for the last few weeks has been spent playing Final Fantasy XIII, which I'm loving so much. Sara's been watching me play and has been following the story too, and we're both having a lot of fun. I should finish it some time this weekend, maybe even tonight, but then there's a lot of post-main storyline stuff to work on which I think I will do. I've got the sequel, FFXIII-2, waiting in the wings, but I've put so much time and effort into the first game's party that I want to see it through if I can. We'll see how long it takes to do things, it should be fun though.

Oh, and Big Brother 14 has started, which I've also gotten Sara dragged into I think, muahaha. The drama started pretty early with it this year, which shouldn't really be too surprising I suppose, but I'm glad that guilty pleasure of mine is back on the air again three times a week too. A very busy time but a good time lately. :)
It feels weird being at work so early. I got here at like 8am when we open at 9am and my first appointment's not until 9:30am but I figured I might as well come in early after dropping my wife off at work so here I am. It's actually 8:37am as I start to type this but it's been nice and quiet, allowing me to get to writing letters I've been meaning to get done for a while now.

By way of a general update, I finished Diablo III a little over a week ago now. Only on normal, though, and I think my character was just level 33 (the cap being 60) so there's lots left to play, especially if I try another class, but for now I'm content to give it a break. It's fun, don't get me wrong, but see my earlier posts re: difficulty in just playing it for a short period of time and needing to allow for more time than I usually want. I'm presuming that will only increase with the harder difficulty settings, or at best stay the same with a new character, so it's on the shelf for awhile.

Writing has been going well, thanks in no small part to the humongous task of logging in Genosha in XP. That's been extremely fun though, definitely, and it's helped me get back into the game somewhat too. Before that I was slumping a little post-Christmas, not really doing all that much, but now I'm right back into logging again which is nice. Aside from that I've got a cool little crossover fanfic story idea that I'm slowly but surely working on, which is about the only other non-RP thing I'm writing at the moment, but I'm happy with that for now.

Music has been great lately, with a whole slew of new albums and artists having caught my ear: Jack White's new solo album, Blunderbuss, is pretty good (though I need to give it a few more spins), been loving the latest by M. Ward and by Rufus Wainwright, downloaded the new Garbage album and like it so far after a couple of listens, picked up the newest offering from The Hives yesterday which is just as short and intense as ever, and listened to all of Fun's album, the band with that big hit We Are Young. The rest of their album's not too bad either, though we only gave it one listen so far on the drive to Burin this past weekend. And the new Metric comes out in less than a week now, I'm very excited about that, not gonna lie. I pre-ordered it and will be getting one of the 500 limited edition box thingies, not sure what to call it, but it'll be signed by the band and everything, pretty stoked. :D For lack of a description, here's their site, and apparently it's called a stereobox. Neat. :)

That's about it on this end for now, back to work for which I'm still early even though I've already got a bunch of stuff done and still had time to post this. Nice. :D
Wow, it really has been ages since I wrote anything here. I could've sworn I'd done a post since I got back to Newfoundland but it doesn't look like it, huh. Well, where to start? For the sake of brevity (and also because I've likely forgotten a lot of details / things) I'll do most of this in bullet point form.

· We saw Bruce Springsteen play in Philadelphia at the Wells Fargo Center back on March 28th, and wow. Just an amazing show, can't even put it into words, at least not in any form that'd do it justice. The theme for the night was changes, very fitting for us, and they were in top form. The tributes to Danny and Clarence brought tears to my eyes, and the tribute to the Big Man during 10th Avenue Freeze-Out was a religious experience. Heck, the whole show was, to me anyway. So very happy I got to see them live, and even happier I got to share that with [livejournal.com profile] believeitup.

· We left on Monday, April 2nd to drive back to Canada. The 10' U-Haul truck I'd reserved wasn't available so they bumped us up to a 14' one at no cost. It was for the best in the end, even if it was hella intimidating to have to drive a 22' long vehicle that far (the storage was 14', truck and all was 22' total x.x), because we had a bigger cab and that meant more room for Simon in his carrier and us. It was a great trip, getting to see friends along the way and lots of scenery, though it was rough on poor Simon who consequently made it rough on us, heh. But we survived, and so did Simon, who's pretty settled into his new digs now. :)

· We arrived in NL on Good Friday and have been steadily unpacking and straightening things away ever since. We're getting there, though there's always going to be something else to do; such is the nature of home ownership, or so I'm told. It's been going so well though, getting government IDs and programs set up, a new car for the missus, all that administrative stuff has gone very well and honestly faster than expected. The unpacking too has been nice, though I don't know if it's that from this weekend or a touch of the flu that has me so so so congested this morning, ugh.

· We have HD set up at home now, woo, and a lightning fast internet connection that omg I am so happy with. Both I guess, really, because HD rocks. So nice to finally be able to use the TV we got so long ago. Getting used to the PVR too, I've set up a few shows to record, it's great. Hockey in HD is awesome too, though it made watching my boys bow out of the playoffs tough. >.> In truth we had gone to bed for overtime of Game 7 of the Boston/Washington series and both of us had nodded off and missed the OT goal that clinched it for the Caps, haha. Alas. We have mainlined Community and are now caught up and watching it in real time (last week's Law & Order one was omg amazing), and are now making our way through Parks and Recreation. We've also watched a lot of Storage Wars and Pawn Stars, as you do.

· Writing has been horrible for me, sadly, and I feel like a total failure in that vein, because I really have been. I've been so slow and absent for XP the last month, though I'm hopefully turning the corner on that one. I bowed out of the two Big Bangs I'd signed up for because I couldn't write anything, and I have a little story due today for a 1k fic exchange that I really need to tidy up and send off by the end of the day. That'll be about the only thing I've accomplished in the last month or more, which is pretty sad, but it'll be ok.

· In gaming news, I've preordered both Diablo III and Guild Wars 2 and am looking forward to them both. I've had trouble installing the former which I should work on tonight, as it goes live on May 15th, but there was a beta for the latter this past weekend that was pretty fun. It looks like a great little MMO, and I haven't really touched LOTRO in so long, so we'll see what happens I guess. I've also been toying with proposing a D&D campaign by mail to people in XP but honestly I've been so absent lately I don't think it'd be proper to throw that out there all of a sudden, haha. "Hey guys, I'm not rping much at all lately but let's do something else where I can fail you! :D" I know, I know, too negative, but I am messing around and making characters so once I've done that (and once I've been better at tagging logs and such) we'll see. :)

That's about it really, I suppose. There's likely more to post about but it's almost lunch time and I'm staaaaaarving, so if anything else comes to me I'll make another post or something. And hopefully I'll be posting here again more regularly too, that might help with the whole writing thing, you know, actually writing and all. XD
About to pack up my PC, once I synch my iPod/iPad with it so the latest Springsteen and Plaskett are on it for the trip, then it's off to the city for a house party tonight and court on Monday morning. Packing up things for Tuesday, mainly can't forget my GPS or the car charger for the same, other than that just need to take enough clothes and whatnot.

As a heads up, because I'll probably make another post later on, after I leave here today I'll be on the road until after Easter or so. I'll still have access to e-mail and such until we hit the road in early April but I'll likely be around less between now and then. More to come later, as for now I need to get things done and get on the road!

So yes, off I go to do that. Hope everyone has a nice weekend! :)

weird day

Mar. 21st, 2012 11:43 pm
canadiandiamond: (...I think I bent my Wookie)
It's been an interesting day alright. It started off kinda weird - last night I watched The Muppets, which is quite possibly my favourite movie from last year (definitely the most enjoyable theatre experience I had last year), and it gave me odd dreams I think. Near by bed (on it when it's made, on the side otherwise) is a Build-A-Bear my wife made me way back where we were dating, a little black bear in a Bruins uniform (Phil Bear, for the record, after then-Bruin Phil Kessel), and sometime in the wee small hours of the morning I woke up and started taking his jersey off. I do not know why, and I remember sort of waking up halfway through and was like "what the eff am I doing?" I think I started putting it back on and then was like wait, I should be sleeping, and just left him there like he is now. I don't even know, it was kind of bizarre, not gonna lie.

The other weird thing was when I went to court this morning. It was pretty cold, as we got a little bit of snow last night, and it was still chilly out today. I parked my car across the road from the courthouse - it was a first appearance day and even though I was there 10m early it was still packed - and went to cross the road, when I heard a little 'ting!' noise and noticed my wedding ring was no longer on my finger. Uh-oh. I was crossing at a crosswalk and there were no cars coming, so I took a minute or two to look at the ground, figuring the morning sun would bounce off of the shiny silver and show me its location in no time flat. Noooooope. So after moving back to look at another angle, a car or two drive by, which makes me panic. What if by some freak coincidence the ring got imbedded in one of those tires and was being driven away? Or what if it fell on its side and went rolling down the hill somewhere - the court is sort of on a hill, kinda - which meant it could be anywhere by now. Oh man. Not only did I lose my ring, but there went my idea of getting there early to talk to the Crown (which, by the by, failed anyway since she didn't show up until after the 9:30 start time anyway >.>). I decided to go inside and get one of the bailiffs to maybe come help me find it, reaching into my pocket for my keys as I did so - and, to my relief, felt the ring in my pants pocket. It had apparently fallen off as I was putting my hand in my pocket and the 'ting!' had been it hitting the keys. Pheeeeeeeeew. Needless to say I've been looking down at my finger very frequently all day, haha. I'm guessing the cold shrunk my finger or something because it's usually not a problem, so yeah, just weird.

Other than that, work went well enough, and this evening I gave myself the task of redeeming all the digital copies of movies I have laying about the room while watching You Again. A few of them were already expired, sadly, and a few require downloads - 1.5gb or so each and my connection suuuuuuuuuucks, so may do it overnight or something - and reorganized a few things. I also made wings for supper but they sucked, the first batch of them I cooked (way back on Superbowl Sunday) were awful but I slightly overcooked (read: burnt) them, but these were actually just as bad even though I was way more observant with them. Must either be a bad batch or just bad wings overall I guess, which sucks. Ah well. I'm kinda proud that I actually made supper instead of getting take out; the folks are in the city to help my sister move to her new apartment (that's a whole 'nother story itself, for another time maybe) so I was on my own, but I'm trying to cut back. In that vein, the girls at work are doing a little friendly competition to see who can lose the most weight, and I'm so in on it. Tomorrow morning we weigh in at the office and we'll be keeping track, though I'll have to do it on my own while in the US next week. Still, I love the idea, and encouragement is always a good thing, since left to my own devices, well. Yeah. So this will be good. :)


Feb. 28th, 2012 01:04 pm
canadiandiamond: ([Sherlock] Not our division.)
Having somewhat of a Molly Hooper day, as in feeling like I don't count. I've been asking myself 'why bother?' a lot lately for a bunch of different reasons too. Thinking about it further, I think it all comes down to this: I'm not a religious person at all, but I do try to follow what was taught to me in Sunday school as a kid as The Golden Rule: doing to others as you would have them do to you, though there are many different ways to put it I suppose. I don't follow it because I'm religious, or because it's what someone told me to do, I follow it because, well, that's how I'd want others to act as well. It's certainly not always what happens - both in the way people treat me and in the way I sometimes treat others, I'll be the first to admit - but it's what I aim for, I guess.

So, why bother? Because were the roles reversed I wouldn't want people to give up on me, or to treat me differently, or negatively, or what have you. So I can't change the way I act or behave just because it doesn't yield the results I want, I just have to keep trying.

I dunno, this may not make sense, but I've been having pretty big thoughts about this and other stuff lately. Getting it out into the world and into words helps me try to understand it better, I suppose.
Last night while watching the Oscars I was thinking about movie watching in general, and my lack of it lately. I think this year's Oscars was the worst ever for me in terms of having seen nominated movies - Moneyball was the only one of the nine Best Picture nominations I'd seen and I think the last Harry Potter movie was up for a technical Oscar or something, but other than that I hadn't seen any of them, I don't think. The whole Oscars in general got me thinking back to the Oscar pool Yahoo used to host and how we'd always do them each year in Law School, having a viewing party at Jillian's place, it was always a good time. Back then I would have seen most if not all of the big pictures, but things have certainly changed.

These days I hardly watch movies at all, it seems. Even my formally frequent forays to the theatre are more and more infrequent lately. I still pick up the odd Blu-Ray or DVD (being a video snob nonetheless I go with the former when I can, but still don't mind DVDs for TV shows) but you should see the stack next to my TV alone, ugh. I've been better lately, as part of my global media initiative to consume what I have before buying more, but even with that working well for books, CDs, TV shows, and video games, it's not really working with movies. I just don't watch them.

A big part of it is this: for some reason, I'm always telling myself I need to do more. I need to be mutlitasking. Why sit back and watch a movie when I can put on a hockey game (which, thanks to the NHL Network, there's virtually always a game on every night), listen to music, all while either writing on the computer, chatting with people, or playing a PC game? I can do 3-4 things at once instead of just one, so the choice is obvious, right? I've broken through that line of thinking somewhat with reading, as every now and then I'll just read instead of doing a bunch of things, but that's reverted back to being a bedtime thing; that's how I wind down at night, unplug myself and read for awhile before sleeping. I haven't sat down and read just because I could since, oh, a few weeks ago when I powered through the first Hunger Games book, which ironically enough I did in anticipation of the movie, heh.

Does anyone else feel this way sometimes? Like you have to be doing all that you can in your free time or else it's a waste of time, that you're not maximizing your potential? I'm wondering how much of it is influenced by the world we live in today, where you can always be plugged in thanks to cell phones, tablets, wifi, 3G, etc., and how much of it is my own way of thinking. It's a question that comes to mind all the time lately, about whether I'm doing enough or if I should be doing more, or am I doing too much as it is? Just food for thought, I guess, which came to mind last night and I figured I'd throw out here just to see if anyone else has ever pondered the same thing.
I'm feeling a lot better now as I write this, as opposed to Saturday night and all day yesterday. Saturday night I started noticing a sore throat, as well as some general aches and pains, so I stopped playing LOTRO around midnight and went to bed. I did stay up to watch SNL - which was pretty good thanks to several cameos by Justin Timberlake and Amy Poehler - but fell asleep right after that. Waking up yesterday I really did feel like hell warmed over, ugh. The original plan was to go to the office, get my files for today, maybe even do some work if I could, and then drive into the city as I had court there all day today. I had two matters, in two different courts, at 10am and 2:30pm. I was also going to meet a friend to witness some docs for him too. All in all, it was going to be a busy Sunday, but I was thinking of maybe seeing a movie with my sister if I could, it's been awhile since I've seen anything, and it would be nice to drive in there on Sunday rather than an early rise on Monday.

Anyway, I felt so miserable that I put off going in until I finally decided I couldn't do it, and would just drive in this morning. I called my friends who I was going to stay with and who I was going to witness things, letting them know that, and after supper went to the office to get my things to make this morning that less busy. When I went to go to work though I had to get my father to drive me over, I was just shivering too much. And it wasn't even all that cold out, I was just shaking too much. He brought me over and it took me a good twenty minutes to find my files and pack them up, having to stop to rest against my desk and catch my breath several times.

Once I got home I realized it was foolish to think I could get in this morning, so I called my assistant and asked her to call everyone first thing this morning, that we'd have to reschedule. Which she did, thankfully, I think the new dates aren't even that far off which is good. I know for the 10am matter at least we've been waiting months for a date, and it was put off last year some time because of the other side, so I'd hate to be the one delaying it for a prolonged period again. Anyway, the same lawyer was on the other side of both matters as fate would have it, and apparently my assistant said he was insisting on having a teleconference for the 2:30pm one but man. I saw that e-mail from her at around 3pm, maybe? I was, to use what I think may be a colloquial term, zonked, man, just right out of it. Last night and this morning (and tonight before bed too) I took cold/flu meds that are designed to knock you out because I needed the rest to get it out of my system. No way I could do a teleconference, and even if I could have where the hell would my client have gone? No thanks, not inviting them to my bedroom. -.- And no way I could get to the office either. It was just stupid of him, he does this a lot and really has a bad name out there, I gotta say, but eff him. -.-

I ended up sleeping most of the day, getting up around 3pm or so and testing myself out. I had something to eat closer to 5 and that's been ok, and feel stronger now with walking around and stuff. I should be ok to go tomorrow, which is good because I've got more court in Hr. Grace at 9:30am and then in the city again at 2:30pm. No rest for the wicked, right? x.x The rest of the week is free for court, anyway, but I know there's a million and one things that need attention too, but I'll get them done. Just need to focus on getting better tonight, sleeping well, and tackling things tomorrow.

Not much else to add, I guess. I shouldn't complain much because there's so many people I know right now that are going through way worse situations. I really should be grateful for what I do have - an amazing wife, fantastic friends and family that help me, my health in general (this recent bug notwithstanding), a job that lets me do what I had to do today to get better. A whole bunch of other things too, and I really am grateful for them all. ♥
It was a pretty nice weekend, I've gotta say. We never did get the monster storm that everyone was predicting for all of last week, really; Friday night saw some snow fall (though none had really started by the time I went to bed closer to 3am) and there was maybe, what, 10-15cm to deal with Saturday morning, but we were supposed to get 10-20cm overnight Friday and then 20-30cm on Saturday I think, which, no. It was windy and freezing cold but not that bad at all, all things considered. Last Thursday had actually been worse, in the morning anyway, though that too had cleared up pretty much completely by lunch (which was good as I still had to drive into St. John's after lunch). Because of the fear of the storm, the grocery store and the mall in general was blocked Friday after work, but I still managed to pick up some wings - Thai and Honey Garlic kinds - and some snacks - this awesome mini cookie cake thingy with chocolate sauce in the middle, sort of like a lava cake made of cookie - for the Super Bowl. Which I didn't really watch all that much but more on that later.

Friday night involved the usual LOTRO raid, which wasn't too bad. The week before I got very frustrated with it, at least I think that was the week before. Anyway, I'd been working on my character and getting my morale (your health in game) much higher so I wouldn't die so much, and I think I've done a good job of that now. The problem with Friday was banging our head against the wall on trying to do the new raid at Tier 2, the hardest setting, as opposed to Tier 1. Tier 2 has better rewards but is much, much more difficult; we've finished the whole raid on Tier 1 (well, I haven't, but the kin has) and now want to move on but it's not easy. We've still yet to get to a boss on Tier 2 yet, the groups of mobs between the entrance to the boss are tricky and we often get through 2-3 groups of them to the last group pre-boss and then can't get that last group down. And on Tier 2 you have to do the entire group before you wipe, if you don't get them all then they'll all respawn. On Tier 1 if you wipe whatever you kill stays dead so even if it's messy as hell you can get through things, not so on Tier 2. Anyway, Friday night we voted to try Tier 2 until we wiped 3-4 times, then do Tier 1. Which we did, we wiped a lot more than that, and eventually the raid leader suggested we vote to see if we should continue on with Tier 2 or switch to Tier 1. I had to speak up and say that, no, we all agreed going in to swap to t1 after a few wipes, and we'd done more than that, so we swapped to t1. Then we did 2 bosses, leaving the one we'd been banging our head up against on t2 open for Saturday night, and then I went to bed. I think some people stuck around and tried again but with no success.

Saturday was nice, I was up well before noon even, and played some more Assassin's Creed 2. I recently came to the realization that I should try and enjoy some of the mountains of media I've amassed over the years before buying any more, heh, and part of that includes video games. Like, last Thursday while in the city I saw that Final Fantasy XIII-2 is out and I was like omg WANT but, um. I got Final Fantasy XIII when it came out, strategy guide and all, and have yet to even pop it into my Xbox. >.> That's just what I do, but I'm not going to do that any more if I can help it. So I'm trying to play through things, watch things (I have SO MANY seasons of shows to watch it's not even funny, as well as movies), read things, etc., and AC2 was on the top of my list. Mainly because I already have AC: Brotherhood and they just released AC: Revelations just before Christmas and I wanted that too. XD So yes, I played more of that, then watched the Bruins lose to the Penguins in a matinee game before playing some more AC2. It was a nice day, relaxed, and I made some of the Honey Garlic wings before the LOTRO raid that night so win. Also had one of those cookie things, omg so good. The raid was more of the same, though people's patience was very raw and oh so thin. We didn't have enough to start it at first until more people showed up or came back from afks, so we ended up starting late. That's not too unusual, but the person who had lead the raid Friday night wasn't coming along because he said he couldn't stay on long. Well, he was on the entire time we were raiding, just playing PvP, and apparently after we stopped (I went to bed when we did) he did the raid with another group of people, just, rar. Something may come of that, I dunno, not cool at the very least. >:| We did more t2 attempts but never made it to the boss and no one wanted to do t1 so we just called it, earlier than Friday night too, people were just unhappy it seemed and frustrated.

Another big thing about Saturday was the amount of writing I did, all in logs for XP, omg. Close to 5k words (I'm keeping count for Get Your Words Out), mainly in one huuuuuuge log that ended up being over 11k words total, which was amazing and still has me smiling today, hehe. It was nice to get back into XP some more, I've had some kind of, I don't know, can you say writer's block for an RP? I wasn't getting much done at any rate and while I still love the game, don't get me wrong, since I went away at Christmas time I'd had a hard time getting much done there. I think I'm waking up from that hibernation however and that huge log was a big part in shaking off my slumber. :)

Sunday I was up well before noon again, which was nice, I like that. It was another nice day started off with some AC2, then watching another Bruins matinee, this weekend was awesome for hockey despite it presumably being all about football, and this time the B's won handily, dispatching the Caps 4-1. Then I played more AC2 for the afternoon, talking to a few people and just relaxing. I did pop out for lunch but then stayed in for the rest of the day. After supper it was more AC2, pausing to watch the Super Bowl when it started, but I actually flipped back and forth a lot because I was getting to the end of AC2, heh. >.> I saw the end of the first quarter, a good chunk of the second quarter, went and had a shower and a shave during the half time show (omg still loving the straight edge razor, SO AWESOME), saw part of the third, and then watched the last quarter and part of the ceremonies. I also made some more wings for the last quarter, which I burned a little, whoops, and another of the cookie dessert things omg. In between there was AC2, and after it was all over I sat down and finished the game omg. Which was awesome, I've gotta say. I don't know if people can still be spoiled for it or not, so I won't go into detail, but I was kinda spooked by the ending which involved some people talking directly to the screen as if looking/talking right at me, just creeped me out omg. x.x So sleep was hard after that. XD

All in all a very good weekend, I've got to say. The only problems with it were the head banging and frustration in LOTRO, which actually wasn't too bad for me, not nearly as frustrating personally as last week anyway, but still a downer. Hopefully next weekend will go better, we'll see, or this week for those who are able to raid during the week anyway. I think I will be trying to get 100% completion on AC2; I've only got a handful of achievements left to get and omg I've never, ever gotten 100% on a game before, so I'm kind of excited. Now that I've finished the main storyline I have full carte blanche to run wherever I want in game and do what I want so we'll see what happens. I think it's mainly a bunch of easy things but I know one will be tough, which is to defeat ten enemies in a row while in conflict without taking a hit. The not taking a hit's not too hard, especially in the earlier areas, but the problem is finding enough of them and not having them all run away on me, heh. We'll see though, will give that a shot before trying Brotherhood, but yay for finishing things I already own for a change, right? :)

Hope everyone else had a good weekend and that you have a good week ahead of you too! :D

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