BioShock Infinite - The Last Variable - A lovely fix-it fic where Elizabeth helps a stubborn Booker overcome his pride and give his daughter what she really needs, her father. Beautifully done.

Black Books - Top 20 Amazon Best Sellers of 2015 (as reviewed by Bernard Black, Manny Bianco, and Fran Katzenjammer for Black Books) - A fantastically well-executed idea for the truculent trio to review the best sellers of 2015, presented in both an image-based version and a text one.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV) - A Margaret Thatcher Kind of Night - Yuleporn Jake/Amy fic that gets right to it, in the only, inimitable way that Jake Peralta very likely does it.

The Cabin in the Woods - Potential - Have you ever wondered "what if Jules was a slayer?" Wonder no more, because this nails it right on the head.

Clone High - Higher Education: School Daze - Gateway to the Future - The clones are going to college - or are they? A nice little slice-of-life fic from a show that ended way too soon, voices are down to a tee here.

Father Ted - it's all the rage on the mainland - My gift this year (thanks again author!), this is a fantastic fic that reads like a complete episode of the show. Everyone sounds perfectly in character and the hijinks are 100% of the Craggy Island variety.

National Public Radio RPF - This American Life episode 141: A Whole New World. (Transcript) - A script from a TAL episode featuring Steve Rogers, Hermione Granger, and Susan Pevensie. Brilliant idea and perfectly executed, right down to the voice of the narrator Ira Glass and how it reads like an actual episode. Fantastic.
So, now that LJ seems to be working again (hope I didn't jinx it!), I can finally post a little update. I went to try a few nights ago but couldn't get on, and then my desktop wasn't working because it sucks so much and I need a new one, ugh. Someday. I'd love to get a Mac, actually, if not for the fact that I play games and wouldn't really be able to on a Mac, sadly.

Anyway! I hope everyone had a great holiday. Mine was very relaxing, which was nice and sorely needed. There were things I wanted to do that I couldn't, not because of anyone's fault but just because things happened the way they happened, but all of those things can be done later (movies, board games, etc.) and the most important part was spending time with family and getting a break from work, both of which were accomplished, so it goes down as a success. We missed our cat for awhile, as he was in the vet's office for almost a full week until yesterday, but he's home again now and doing well which is also terrific.

Yuletide was a blast this year, and I ended up receiving three fics in total: one as my main gift (Pitch Perfect fic about Beca/Chloe/Jesse), one as a treat (Parks and Rec fic about Leslie/Ann), and another one for Madness (Community fic about Troy/Annie). I also really enjoyed writing a bunch of things: my main assignment (Pitch Perfect fic about Beca/Chloe), a pinch hit (more Pitch Perfect fic, this time a 'what if?' sequel to the movie), and many Madness drabbles/ficlets (in Crazy Stupid Love, Zombieland, Cabin in the Woods, and Community). So much fun, and I've got several more plot bunnies at the moment, specifically for more Zombieland writing and to finish off a Veronica Mars / Flashpoint fic I've started. We'll see what happens I suppose, but yay for writing!
Taking a break to come up for air at work. It's been busy as usual for this time of year, but things are mostly getting done. I'm especially happy that I've managed to (mostly) finish my [ profile] yuletide assignment, and one for another gift exchange, w00t. I just need to implement the changes from the beta on the former and tidy up the latter and voila, all done! I may try to write some treats or other things for Yuletide, depending on whether inspiration strikes or not, we shall see.

Off for lunch now, and Pitch Perfect is out today so I may just make a slight detour to Wal-Mart to pick up a copy of the same. Happy Tuesday everyone!
Enjoying a nice, peaceful weekend. Friday started off with a marathon night of Guild Wars 2 with my buddy Brad which was awesome, and I figured that was indicative of what the rest of the weekend would be like.

I was wrong, however. My sister reminded me that earlier in the week I'd offered to come into the city to help her pick out things for my mother's Christmas stocking (she always did ours as kids, heck, still does, so a few years ago my sister started making one for Mom and I help out), and my wife was working, so into the city I went. It meant less sleep, in theory, but even with staying up until almost 3am playing GW2 and getting up at 9 to get ready I still had a great night's rest. The day was really nice too, as my sister and I haven't spent much time together lately with her new job and with me being busy out home. We hung out, got to see Wreck-It Ralph which, omg, I loved. So, so much. Definitely on my must own list once it's out on video. We also picked up her dog's Christmas pictures, then came out home and later last night we did the shopping for mom.

After that I just watched tv with Sara, which was nice, especially the Friday night episode of The Late Late Show. Craig Ferguson is the man and this past week he actually had Richie Sambora as his house band, when normally he has no one, haha. It was a great week, so funny. Then I just ended up writing, finally working on Yuletide in earnest since it's only another 11 days until it's due. How did that happen again? I've also got another exchange due on the 21st but as that's also an Avengers one and only 2k minimum, and I just finished a huge (for me) 11k Avengers crossover fic, I'm focusing on Yuletide for now. I got as far as 1,667 words last night, which was great, at least I'm over the minimum now.

Today I got up early again, around 10am this time after going to sleep close to 3 again after watching SNL with Sara. Most of the day has been devoted to Yuletide again, and now I'm well over 5k words. To say I'm very pleased with this development would be an understatement, haha. I only wish I'd had this kind of wind behind my sails for NaNo but what can you do? I'm just enjoying being able to write again, and really, really liking this fic. I'll link it here in the New Year after the whole reveal and all, but I really hope the person for whom I'm writing will like it. I'm about half way through what I plan to write, so it'll be a nice, long fic for sure. Huzzah!

Back to writing for me, I think, and maybe a quick break to wash the dishes, before I pick up the wife from work. It's been a great weekend, and I hope everyone else's has been just as good or better! :)


Nov. 22nd, 2012 12:16 pm
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So, it's been awhile since I wrote in here. Nothing too exciting to report, but I'll put it behind a cut because I have a feeling I may get ramble-y just the same.

Stuff! )

Also, Happy Thanksgiving to my American family and friends, hope you have a great holiday! :)


Nov. 1st, 2012 09:41 am
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Ahhhhhhhhhhh NaNo is here alkdadl,awld,wpod,ad;l,wekmdlkaenj.


I have a little idea from which to build, which only came to me at, like, 11:30pm last night, haha. I don't have much at all, just the beginning of an idea, but that's never stopped me from NaNo-ing before so.

Yuletide is also underway, with sign ups having closed last night and matching up going on as we speak. I think they're hoping to have our assignments out by Friday-ish or so, so that'll be something else to do.

My Avengers fics are in progress too, the largest of which is half done and needs more attention before being posted in early December. I've also got an artist to work with on that one so I really need to keep up with it. The other one is a Christmas exchange that isn't due for a nice while yet so it's on the back burner for now, though I do have a good idea of what I want to write.

Lots of writing ahead, it seems! :)


Sep. 24th, 2012 12:00 pm
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So, [ profile] yuletide nominations are opening up again very soon, wow. I really need to sit down and think what I'd like to nominate this year. I remember last year it took me a nice while to come up with some fandoms (and characters for each too), so this year I should try to plan in advance. I wonder if I can find what I nominated last year, that might give me a good idea of what worked and what I can do again. I know I messed up and tried to use the Dresden Files which isn't eligible, so I won't be doing that again.


Jan. 2nd, 2012 11:19 am
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So, I'm excited to be taking part in [ profile] getyourwordsout this year. I pledged at the modest level of 150k words, which I hope I'll be able to accomplish. I know I'll be trying NaNo again as always, so that'll be 1/3 of that (assuming I'll be successful), and the rest of it I see as incentive to write more throughout the rest of the year, be it fanfic or original writing. It's kind of exciting and one of the first things I'm going to do when I get home is to download and use the spreadsheet for tracking your word count. :D

I don't have any firm ideas in mind just yet but I really enjoyed doing Yuletide this year and I'm hoping that knowing I can write little things like that will allow me to do so way more often. It was fun putting that together and there are so many fandoms that I could do that for, I'm excited to give them all a shot. Maybe one of them will grow on me and I can write something longer in whatever fandom(s) that may be. Time will tell!

[eta] Here is what I wrote for Yuletide, in the How I Met Your Mother universe. :)
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