Making a quick entry now, as the subject indicates, before I forget. Or more accurately, before I go to bed and then get all caught up in work tomorrow, then come home and lose myself in a game or something before going to bed late and doing the same thing again the next day.

Work has been pretty overwhelming lately and while it's not going to be quite as rough in theory for the next while, it'll be busy. I had two major trials set for mid-May and early-June that both went away for different reasons, which was good but still resulted in a lot of work leading up to them. My boss is also leaving to run for politics again, we won't know until the end of this week if he'll be back or not, and if he isn't it'll make things a major headache as we try to absorb / send his files out (hoping if it comes to that we won't have to take them all as he has some really seriously complicated things but we'll see, no good to worry about that just now).

As a result I've been horrible with writing in general, which is why I wanted to spit this out now when I should be sleeping instead of waiting for later when I likely won't do it. I come home, play Heroes of the Storm (HotS) or Diablo III (D3), watch TV (sometimes at the same time), then go to bed. That's pretty much it. I really love HotS and play it a fair bit, though that's giving way to D# lately as a friend of mine who hadn't played it at all tried it and bought it like, what, almost 2 months ago now?

I started playing D3 a bit as a result of an awesome HotS YouTuber I follow, MFPallytime, who plays D3 as well and has some videos I watched and wanted to try. I bought D3 when it launches like 3+ years ago and finished it way back then with a Demon Hunter who I only got to like level 30 or something. You could get to 60 back then, and there was an expansion maybe a year and a half back or so that increased that to 70 and added another class. I bought that too but never played it until a few months ago, thanks to Pallytime's vids.

Also, to go back to HotS a bit, I love Pallytime and his group, Squadron, who stream HotS (and other games too I think but they're all about HotS now) on Twitch and YouTube, and even Sara watches them with me now (we're also been enjoying making our way through 30 Rock and Geek & Sundry's Titansgrave: Ashes of Valkana series too which is worth watching fyi). There are a ton of them and they're all fun and awesome streamers, and if you're at all interested or curious in them or HotS you should check them out. Their YouTube stuff is at which is such an easy URL to remember haha.

Anyway, D3. I started messing about with a Wizard build that Pally was using, and rediscovered a love for the game and grinding it I guess, hah. I mentioned it to my friend and he bought a copy after trying it out, and we leveled our characters to 70 together. There's a gem in the game you can get which, when leveled itself high (I know, I know, I just like mindless grinding and min/maxing I guess XD), allows you to slot it in a weapon and reduce that item's required level to 1. What does this mean? It means you can get an amazing level 70 weapon, slap this gem in it, and give it to a newly made level 1 character to powerlevel them to 70 haha. It's so much fun that I know have almost all 6 classes leveled to 70, with the last one being at 60 because even I get a little tired of grinding sometimes. XD

My friend has put WAY more hours into it than I have and as a result has a lot more paragon levels. Paragon levels are the ultimate expression of grinding to me - once you hit 70 you can still get XP, it just goes to additional levels that let you add points to any character you own in the form of, like, +armour %, +attack speed %, things that scale with your character so they're not straight overpowered but really do add a lot. Those paragon levels can go on forever I think, and right now I'm at 210 or so, and my friend is over 300 haha. That's an account wide level though which is nice.

So yeah, grind grind grind. I like it though, and it's exactly what my brain wants after the craziness that's sadly become a regular fixture at work these days. My apologies for not writing here more, or for being slow to reply to e-mails as well. I'm really hoping things get better, and they have slightly but we'll see what happens with the boss. For now I'm still happy to grind things out as a digital panacea, and just wanted to check in with y'all for what it's worth.

And now I sleep before work tomorrow. Hope everyone had a great weekend and that this week goes well! :)
I had a pretty good weekend, all things considered. Friday was very easy going, and I finished watching Season 7 of How I Met Your Mother, since Netflix finally fixed whatever was wrong with the episode that kept glitching out on me. Love that show so much, will be sad when it's over. I didn't do much else, really, and I think I actually fell asleep on the coach, whoops. I woke up after 1am and dragged myself to bed, where I slept in until the phone woke me the next morning.

A friend called me around 10:30am with a few questions, and then I was up for the day. I basically picked up where I left off Friday night with the whole 'doing nothing' thing, surfing a little, reading, and then being a grown up and doing the dishes and the like before the wife got home. We went into the city after her shift was done and had a very nice supper in the city, followed by some errands and then going to a friend's house to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. That was nice too, since my mother came into the city with us and drove all of us to and from said friend's house, enabling all of us to drink. We got home around 1:30am or so, not too, too bad, and had a good night's sleep.

Sunday we got up around 10am-ish and ran more errands, hitting up CostCo before it got too busy (it was still swamped with people at 11am-12noon, sheesh) and then grabbing a bite to eat. We hit up Chapters on the way out, and then Sara got a call from a friend asking us to run another errand for her, which we did, going to the Village Mall before heading back home. We got back around 3:30pm to an excited cat and had a relaxing Sunday afternoon and evening after that. Mom dropped in with cold plates for us, which was nice and saved us the trouble of cooking, and I introduced Sara to The English Patient, finally getting to watch the latest Blu-Ray release of it. I have it on... gee, VHS, DVD, and twice on Blu-Ray - the first release of which was only 720p, bah - but haven't watched it for ages, and Sara hadn't at all, so that was nice. Lots of special features on the newest, 1080p edition too, will have to watch those some time, and am inspired to re-read the book (or perhaps In The Skin Of A Lion, hmm).

catching up

Oct. 15th, 2012 11:59 am
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We spent a lot of time this weekend just relaxing and watching movies, which was nice. On Saturday we watched a handful of Trailer Park Boys episodes, and then yesterday we watched There Will Be Blood, The Fifth Element, and Starship Troopers. The former Sara hadn't seen, the middle one I hadn't, and we watched the last one just because. I own TWBB on DVD so we watched that, and the last two (and the TPB episodes) on Netflix, which was nice. I really haven't been using Netflix much despite having continually paid $8 a month for, what, over a year now I'm sure, so it's good to actually use it. My cousin recently asked me to help install a new router in his house, which I did, including setting up the wireless on his new tv and we got Netflix working on that. While browsing it to make sure it worked I saw a bunch of things I wanted to watch so now I'm hoping to use it more.

Writing has been going well too, in fits and starts at least. I managed to finish a rough draft for a mini bang (5k minimum, my draft's ~7,200) and have an artist to work with for the first time ever which is very exciting. :D I have a few other challenges that I'm involved with too, which are going ok, and last but not least [ profile] yuletide opened up for sign-ups yesterday. It's hard to believe it's been a year since the last one, wow. I may try to bang out some little treats for last year's tags before they close too, we'll see.

of pastimes

Aug. 27th, 2012 12:29 pm
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Big Brother is in full swing now, which has been pretty much the only tv show we watch regularly now, aside from the ever present Storage Wars / Love It or List It / Pawn Stars etc. that's almost always on otherwise. It's been entertaining this year, better than last year, and it's nice to actually have someone here watching it with me instead of just texting my sister about it. We still do text and e-mail, of course, but sharing it with my wife makes it much better. :)

Other than that, I've mainly entertained myself by reading and messing about with various mini games, namely Marvel Avengers Alliance on Facebook and The Simpsons: Tapped Out on the iPad. There's also been some MMO playing again, with the Guild Wars 2 headstart having gone live as of Saturday. That's been pretty fun, especially because I picked up a couple of novels set in the Guild Wars universe that's gone a long way towards familiarizing myself with the lore of the game. When I played the beta ages ago I felt a little overwhelmed and lost in the game, both with its setting and its lore being so unfamiliar to me, but having just about read one of those books when I started playing on Saturday it was way more familiar to me which helped a ton. I still need to find a strategy guide or something for it as I still have a lot of questions about the mechanics of the game but that'll come in time; the game has a Wiki but it's down right now, and an online "manual" which is a bunch of videos, so I need something more than that.

I finally watched The Hunger Games last night too, having picked it up on Blu-Ray when it came out last week. Thankfully watching it at home didn't make me sick unlike the IMAX experience where I had to leave and ask for a refund. I enjoyed it, though I hope I didn't bug Sara too much with my "it's different in the book..." and "instead of that, in the book..." comments throughout. XD

busy busy

Jul. 20th, 2012 03:07 pm
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Real life continues to move at top speed, or so it seems lately. Last weekend was my cousin's wedding, in which I stood up for him, and the weekend before that was his bachelor party out in Terra Nova. The party was great, thanks to a rainy day turning decent just in time for 18 holes of golf, followed by a nice night of drinks and playing guitar until the wee small hours of the morning in a private chalet. Very good time indeed, and the wedding went well last weekend too.

I really enjoyed being a part of the wedding, and I've gotta say, the other guys who stood up for my cousin were really nice too. I knew some of them from back in the day, but there were a good many I hadn't met before the bachelor party and I'm glad to have gotten the chance to get to know them. Hopefully I'll see some of them around in the future, maybe golfing with Terry and some of them down the road, that'd be nice. There was talk of having another little get together before the end of the summer (many of them are teachers), this time with significant others invited too, for a BBQ and campfire / sing-a-long, which would be pretty awesome.

I've got another bachelor party and a wedding the next two weekends in a row, similarly involving another 18 holes of golf tomorrow. The last few years I've only gotten out, what, once or maybe twice tops each year, usually just for 9 holes, so this is a lot for me. I have a cheap set of clubs that's fitting for a hack such as myself, though if I keep going out as much as this (and if Terry and I do start playing more often) I may have to look into getting a better set. We'll see, it won't be this summer, but maybe next year. I do love the game; they say you only have to make one good shot each outing to make you want to come back and play again, and so far I've been able to meet that minimum criterion. I usually can drive ok (though I'm known to have a wicked hook a lot of the time >.>) and putting, while not a pro at all of course, I can do ok with, it's the irons that kill me. Getting from a decent tee shot onto the green in only a few shots is what destroys my game. Ideally I should hit a driving range more often (or at all) to work on things but it's kind of far away. I used to go all the time back when I was living in Marystown, which was about a 15-20 minute drive away; here the nearest one isn't too, too much further, maybe closer to 30 or just over, but I just can't be bothered. It helped that my buddy Marcus would come with me a lot of the time in Marystown but out here I don't have anyone, unless Terry and I start going.

We'll see how it goes anyway, I'm looking forward to it. After the first few holes in Terra Nova I started improving and by the back nine I was hooking/slicing things a lot less and hitting the irons more consistency. I even managed to par the 18th hole in Terra Nova, which is just a par 3 but you have to clear a large water hazard to get onto the green, which I did before 2 putting it for par. I was ecstatic though, haha.

Other than that, not a lot of news to report. Most of my free time for the last few weeks has been spent playing Final Fantasy XIII, which I'm loving so much. Sara's been watching me play and has been following the story too, and we're both having a lot of fun. I should finish it some time this weekend, maybe even tonight, but then there's a lot of post-main storyline stuff to work on which I think I will do. I've got the sequel, FFXIII-2, waiting in the wings, but I've put so much time and effort into the first game's party that I want to see it through if I can. We'll see how long it takes to do things, it should be fun though.

Oh, and Big Brother 14 has started, which I've also gotten Sara dragged into I think, muahaha. The drama started pretty early with it this year, which shouldn't really be too surprising I suppose, but I'm glad that guilty pleasure of mine is back on the air again three times a week too. A very busy time but a good time lately. :)
Hope everybody had a good weekend! Mine wasn't that bad at all, despite not really doing what I would've liked to have done. It being my first full weekend at home since returning from the US, I have a lot of books, movies, tv shows, etc. that I was just planning to immerse myself in but instead I had other obligations to fulfill.

Friday night was nice and relaxed. I think I had a brief nap after work and then started in on watching season one of Flashpoint. I picked up seasons one and two in the city last Wednesday and I'm pretty excited about it, and have been really enjoying the episodes I've seen so far. After that I puttered around a bit, putting in some time on SWTOR, and then I did my first bit of raiding in LOTRO in awhile. I finally got to see the new raid, and more than just see it, we did what I think is all four of its wings (albeit on tier 1, the easiest level of difficulty) in one go, in just over two hours. That was nice, even though we had to stop and couldn't do the final boss that evening. Still, I hadn't even set foot inside it before then so that was pretty awesome, getting to see almost all of it like that. Of course winning is nice too, so doing all of those bosses without any wipes (except for one non-boss pull that got us twice, hehe) was nice. The only downer to the night was me making an announcement that I'll no longer be looking after the kin's SKL, which is how we keep track of loot, because I just can't be around all week. Somehow a new schedule got set for raids (still no answer on how/when that came down, but it's set now anyway) and I won't be able to keep up with it, so that's all you can do. I'll still be around when I can, mainly on the weekends, but we'll see how that goes. Regardless, Friday night was a nice time and I even got in bed at a decent hour, around 2am, though Kristen Bell was on Craig Ferguson so I had to watch that haha.

Saturday was the day I wanted to stay home and absorb all the new things, but instead I had a party to attend. Which, well, I knew I'd have fun, and I did, but I was a little reluctant to head in for it. Maybe that makes me a bad sibling, because the party was a birthday get together at my sister's place for her and our friends Jackie and Chris, since all three of them have their birthdays within 4-5 days of each other. I slept in pretty late, because even though I had a decent-ish bedtime I was pretty tired from my first week back to work post-vacation. When I did get up, I pretty much showered and got ready to hit the road asap, getting into the city before dark. I went to my sister's first to drop off some things Mom had sent in for her, then I went to the comic book shop where I picked up the Schism trade, a D&D supplement (I have plans!), and some dice. Next was supper at Quiznos, mmm, toasted subs, and then a quick pop into Chapters where I only walked out with a new magazine (PC Gamer that covers Diablo III, SWTOR, and Skyrim ftw) and a Starbucks coffee. I went to J&A's place then where we hung out for a few hours before going to my sister's place. It was a great little party, so many people showed up, and I picked up a little flask (375ml) of scotch that I polished off over the entire night, haha, complete with a large can of this yummy German beer. I haven't drank that much in a long time and thankfully somehow I avoided a hangover, though I was pretty drunk. Those of you who follow me on Twitter could probably tell that. XD I went home with J&A because the stupid parking ban is in place now and I can't really park at my sister's place (not without a lot of fancy maneuvering but it's too much of a hassle and really only works with two smaller cars and my Sorento's too big I think) so I left the car at J&A's, since they have a double driveway with room for more cars on the side, and A was driving anyway since he was feeling under the weather. We were home by 1:30 or so, so another earlyish night out, and I slept like a champ until 10:30 or so. I was afraid I'd have a horrible hangover so I did have something to eat and a lot of water before passing out and it appears to have done the trick. \o/

Sunday was nice and quiet. I woke up and hung out with J&A some more, having lunch with them before stopping by my sister's place around 1pm or so. She was up and about and cleaning up from the night before, and apparently everyone else at the party had stayed until 3am. A good time was had by all and she said the landlords upstairs got home at around 3:30 and mercifully they were only stomping around for 10-15 minutes before sleeping themselves so Jen got a decent night's rest. I hung out with her for an hour or so before heading back out home. I got back around 3pm and spent 30-45m at the office, sending out a quick letter before I went home since I knew I wouldn't want to come back over once I was home, hehe. Then it was a lovely evening at home by myself, which is what I'd planned for Saturday, but I still had a fantastic time so it's all good. I had a little nap, then a nice supper, followed by a relaxing shower and then a good shave with my new straight edge razor and oh my. It is so choice, if I may borrow a line from Ferris Bueller. If you have the means I highly recommend it. And I didn't even cut myself this time, woo! I think I need to sharpen it though, as there was some tugging and such, but it shaves so nicely and is just a relaxing process, I dunno. I'm so glad I gave it a shot, it's an investment I'm happy that I made. Plus I shaved with it last Sunday and yesterday when I shaved again, the first time since last Sunday, it felt like I only had 2-3 days' worth of stubble, so it cuts way better than an electric razor. Plus it makes me feel all grown up and manly, haha. I wonder when I'm shaving with it if this is how Hemingway felt all the time or something. Shh, yes, I'm weird.

On the writing front, I have a lot of plans but need to sit down and actually write. Last night I meant to but then pre-shave I put on last week's Sherlock episode and then post-shave I watched some more Flashpoint. I keep seeing all these big bangs being advertised, as I joined a channel that pimps them here, and I keep wanting to sign up for them ALL, haha, but I can't. I did sign up for one (an SPN crossover one), and have another ambitious fic plot started that may or may not fall under one of the other big bang categories, so that's more than enough for now. It's exciting, though, gotta say, I'm enjoying what I've done with it so far and hopefully there'll be much more writing done as a result of it all. :D

Lastly, in general as well, I've been listening to Watch the Throne and really, really liking it. Which is so weird because normally the only rap I listen to is the Beastie Boys. I got turned onto it from another rap album, by Childish Gambino which is Donald Glover's rap name. I love him from Community and follow him on Twitter so when he put this album out I gave it a listen and loved it. He makes lots of references in the songs to many things, as most rappers are wont to do, and it lead to me checking out the Kanye/Jay-Z album and voila. Weird, I know, but hey, I'm proud of my wide spectrum of musical tastes. :)

And today I'm back to work. The boss is away until next week and I've no court at all, so it's a nice, quiet week, or so I hope. Next week and most of the week after will be crazy busy so this week is for prep work and such, so I'm enjoying the quiet while I can. Hope everyone else has a good week!

more writing!

Jan. 14th, 2012 01:59 pm
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I'm going into the city for the night but for my own reference today I signed up for this:

Come and sign up for [ profile] sncross_bigbang!

Rules, Schedule, and Other Information
Author Sign Ups | Artist Sign Ups

I have the basis of an idea for Dean/Jake Doyle to bond over each other's car, haha, and maybe some kind of Celtic beast slaying or somewhat, I don't know yet. Just a seed of an idea, I 'spose, but it could work. We will see!

Between this and my Flashmars idea (Flashpoint/Veronica Mars) I should have plenty to write about this year, huh? x.x

on a sunday

Jan. 8th, 2012 07:18 pm
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So, I'm back in Carbonear. After landing in St. John's around 2:30 am on Saturday morning, I crashed at my sister's place (mercifully less than 5 minutes away from the airport) and then got a ride back out Saturday afternoon. My luggage is still not here, sadly; it's apparently in the hands of the courier now, who isn't operating today I guess, so no bag for me until tomorrow. My work shoes and my razor and things are all in it too, and I've got court in the morning, but I'm looking at this as a prodding from fate to bust out my fancy dress shoes I got in Philly, oh, two years ago or more and haven't worn yet. Also, I can borrow my father's razor this one time, so it'll be ok.

I've unpacked my carry on, which was pretty jam packed with various gifts and electronics, so that's something I guess. It contained one of the things I bought for myself, which was seasons 1-4 of The Venture Bros. show, and I'm psyched to check it out. It also has some of the lovely Britcoms that my awesome sister-in-law [ profile] suchanadorer and her hubby [ profile] elevea got me, and the great books my darling wife [ profile] believeitup and the awesome [ profile] onlyonechoice gave me as well, so I'm not completely bereft of awesome things while waiting for my checked baggage. :)

Speaking of awesome things, I came home to a whole mess of Christmas cards from people, omg. Such beautiful words and art, you guys, you are all amazing. ♥ Big thanks to [ profile] stratford_girl, [ profile] shinyandnat, [ profile] _bounce_, [ profile] writteninsable, and [ profile] jiandan for all the amazing cards omg. :D

In a similar vein, I also received some awesome goodies in my fandom stocking, including some pretty graphics from [ profile] chokolattejedi, [ profile] noveltea, [ profile] twinsarein, [ profile] ariestess, and [ profile] stormylullabye (the latter is a pretty wallpaper that I think you'd really like, [ profile] believeitup!), and some awesome drabbles by [ profile] evil_little_dog of The Dresden Files and [ profile] rise_your_dead of HIMYM. Thank you so much all! :D

The trip was pretty amazing, and if not the longest one I've had with my wife then definitely a very, very close second I'd wager. Even when we got married I was only there for about two weeks, and this was just shy of three, so I think it comes in first place. :) I didn't blog much from there, nor did I take too many pictures, because most of the time was spent relaxing and just hanging out, which was very nice. And, on top of that, we've now got a good grasp on the pending move, including dates and paperwork back from the government, so that's pretty awesome too. I need to check into a whole bunch of things in the near future to start furthering those plans but the wheels are more in motion now than they've ever been before.

Other than that, I'm not really looking forward to work tomorrow, but. I do have the desire, the motivation, to go into this year giving it my all and to do the best I can with it. This month is going to be very busy, with a lot of court, starting tomorrow, so I'm going to be hitting the ground running. I'm very much looking forward to getting it all done and, not to sound like money is all that matters, to getting it all billed out and making an awesome month out of it. December was very good, and I want to keep that momentum up, as January is usually god awful for billings. Not this one, though, I'm going to kick its ass.

That and many other things are on my mind, and we'll see how far I get with them. I won't go into detail here, both because I'm still wrestling with a few things in my own mind and am not sure how to spell them out, and also out of fear for jinxing them, but suffice it to say I want to make a lot of changes this year. No time to start than the present after all, right?
So, long time no post! I've been insanely busy with work lately, and then I come home and bury myself in something else to forget about it. Last week LOTRO put out its latest expansion, upping the level cap from 65 to 75, so you can guess what my latest time sink has been, heh. Well. Same old time sink, I suppose, just in a different light. Now instead of just raiding on the weekends I'm leveling up most week nights. I did take most of Saturday and Sunday off, though, after a very frustrating Friday night, but I've been working on it again lately. I'm still amazed at how past some people are burning through it, though; I saw people in the game hitting 75 the effing day after it came out, just, why? And people in kin are flying too, we have 4-5 75s now, and have for awhile. To each their own, I guess.

In the new music category, so many good new things lately. Namely the latest Jim Cuddy album, Skyscraper Soul, and the newest Wilco album, The Whole Love, both of which I've already given several listens and both of which I am fond. I've also been playing the accordion a little, haha, mainly because of a traditional song I downloaded on .mp3 back in my law school days (when I lived away from home and was nostalgic) that comes on after the Jim Cuddy album on iTunes. I heard it the other day and realized it was in the key of G, which my folks' accordions can play, and I picked one up and messed around with it until I figured it out, hehe. Need to transcribe it, as it were, for Mom since she asked. All their songs are in simple notation, not sheet music, i.e. there's a row of buttons for each key and the songs they play are written out with button numbers, with a stroke over the number if it's a pull out note instead of a push in, hehe. So that was kinda neat. :)

What else... hockey starts soon, which reminds me, once again I've failed to call my buddy Marc about that, whoops. I'm guessing we'll pick our teams either tomorrow or Wednesday night before the season starts, though due to people being away and/or busy we've picked teams after the season has started in the past, it's just not preferable. We'll see, and I also need to talk to him about potentially visiting him this weekend, if I still wanna do that, I dunno. On the fence but leaning towards going, I think.

I'm also reading a lot more again, thanks to some various books I've dug out of the "oh hey I forgot I had that!" pile, haha. XD Mainly a Christopher Hitchens one I started months ago, and an Elminster book I should finish since I've already gone and bought the next one in the series on hardcover for some reason. ^_^;; I'm horrible like that, I know, I know.

I also finished a Resident Evil marathon of sorts tonight, though I suppose since I started on Saturday night it's not really a marathon, haha. XD I watched the first two movies Saturday night, then the third on Netflix last night, and tonight the latest on Blu Ray. I bought it in the US ages ago when it first came out but kept meaning to watch the first ones before seeing it, and finally broke down and did just that this weekend. I meant to awhile ago but couldn't remember if I owned the third one and couldn't find it if so, but finally realized it's on Netflix so that solved that. I'm watching season 6 of How I Met Your Mother too which is awesome.

Speaking of tv, I also finished Supernatural season 6 and have started watching season 7 now, and am attempting to watch many tv shows this year: The New Girl, Survivor, Supernatural, The Ringer, Community, and Archer to name a few. There may be others that I'm forgetting, but yes, am trying to get back into the swing of things.

Alright, off to bed for me now, trying to get back to a better bedtime since it's been helping with work when I do, so it's something I should keep up, yes? :)
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Right now, as in still on the air, I'd have to say the show I'm enjoying the most is How I Met Your Mother.

I only started watching it over the summer, after having bought Season 1 for like $20 last Christmas on a whim to have something to watch and only watching it in June, haha. It grew on me so very fast, though, and before I knew it I had picked up Seasons 2-4 and consumed them as fast as I could, and then Season 5 at Wal-Mart while it was still $30-something (1-4 had all been $20 each).

Oddly enough, I'm not a huge fan of the main character, but simply adore Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Segel, and Alyson Hannigan, all of whom are amaaaaaaaaaaazing omg. They completely make the show for me and are the main reason why I watch it, and I love them to pieces. ♥

And today, lo and behold but what did I spy when looking for the new Wilco album at Wal-Mart (I pre-ordered the new Jim Cuddy and it's en route but slow in the mail :/)? Why, Season 6 of HIMYM, of course!

So I have that going for me, which is nice. :D
Randomly, I need some How I Met Your Mother icons, hmm. I have seriously become a bona fide bigtime fan of the show, haha, and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of Season 6 on DVD so I can catch up; I've mainlined 1-5 in the last several weeks or so.

Anyway! What's up with me, besides my newfound love of HIMYM (as us fans are oft to abbreviate said show), you ask? Quite a lot, actually! I'll put this behind a cut because lord knows there's likely very few of you who will find all of it interesting, maybe a few who will find parts of it, but that's about it. XD

Snip snip! )

That's about it off the top of my head, I should hit the hay since I've work in the morning, an unexpected return to court but what can you do? I'm sure there was more I meant to say but it's slipping my mind now, ah well. I can always post again later if I think of anything. :)


Aug. 16th, 2011 11:54 pm
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Watched Super tonight which was way more violent than I thought it'd be. Not a bad movie, though, but I loved the actors in it (particularly Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page) so that helped colour my opinion of it as a whole, I think.

While watching it I played around in LOTRO, spending a lot of time working on crafting for a few of my characters, which... seems a bit futile now, I dunno. It was quiet all night while I did that, which is one of the reasons that's why I did, and just logged off now and people are showing up, starting to raid, people in glff are looking for people to do stuff, just as I have to go to bed. Well, actually, by my new recent attempts at a decent bedtime I should have been in bed over an hour ago, so that's even worse. But it felt good while I was doing it, like I was accomplishing something, so that's good, yeah?

Home alone tonight and for the next two weeks or so; the folks are off on their vacation, driving off somewhere. Mom called to check in earlier and they're about half way across the island, may make a run for Labrador it sounds like it. I know I usually just come right upstairs whenever I get home anyway so it shouldn't be a huge deal, but feels a little lonely around here, I dunno. Have tons of food, lots to do, so there's no need to, so I'm just chalking it up to the general feeling of crap making it seem that way or something.

Off to bed now, going to put on an episode of How I Met Your Mother before I drift off. Trying not to linger on a passing thought I had earlier today, which was that one year ago today I was so very happy compared to now, and instead am telling myself to think about where I'll be one year from today and how it'll be much better than it is right now. Also need to turn on the AC, it's stifling hot here in the room, even though it's not all that warm outside.


Aug. 8th, 2011 11:59 am
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Hope everybody had a nice weekend. Mine turned out to be ok, a bit odd I suppose, but not horrible.

Friday I left work early around lunch time to attend the funeral of my great aunt, who passed away last Tuesday. She'd been sick for awhile but seemed to be doing better, but when I was flying back from Halifax on Tuesday my cousin (well, mom's 1st cousin, my... 2nd?) was on the plane with me because her mom wasn't doing well. She did end up passing away later that evening, and the funeral was on Friday. It was sad of course but there were a lot of good memories shared and it was a lovely service, and there was so much family there. As one friend opined, it's sad that it's usually only at weddings and funerals everyone gets together and more of the latter than not, but what a huge amount of relatives that were there. I was related to more of them than I realized, including my grandfather's little brother (who's now 69) that I've not seen in... well, probably since an infant and I wouldn't remember, heh. There were 5+ pews full of family at the service, which helps, having so many people to lean on at such a time.

Friday night involved raiding which was fun socially speaking, but we got very little accomplished in the raiding sense, taking down just the one boss when we usually get two or three done. It was just a weird night, and people just weren't listening at all, and when communication is key to completing the raid successfully, well, there you have it. It ended up being a late night and I crashed pretty much immediately after we stopped, which was almost 3:30am.

Saturday I headed into the city with my sister, who came out for the funeral. After running an errand for Dad we hit the theatre and caught a matinee of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which was actually better than I thought it'd be. Without getting into spoilers, I was wondering how they'd actually connect to the original premise and that it'd be difficult to do, but they did a decent job with that. Then I stopped in the Bell Aliant store in the mall and ended up getting a new phone, haha. My old BlackBerry wasn't up to snuff, especially in Halifax; we had no wifi in our hotel so it was my lifeline to all things internet and it was slow, laggy, and just not capable of doing what I wanted. It would lag a lot and for some reason it'd skip and jump about at times when you tried to touch any icons, which is annoying since it's a touchscreen phone. So now I have a Samsung Galaxy II phone, running the Android OS, which I now have to get used to, but that's part of the fun with a new phone, right?

Saturday night we had a house party, and I ended up driving and played with my phone most of the night, heh. We also played some guitar, and it was fun even though I didn't really know the vast majority of the people there. I expected more of our crowd to show up but they didn't due to other commitments, but it was still a nice night. It ran way late too, though; by the time I got to sleep at my sister's place after dropping everyone off and having a quick bite to eat it was 4am. x.x

Not much happened on Sunday. Jen wanted to stay home since the dog had been locked up most of the previous day so she couldn't go out with me for food, so I popped out and had lunch and ended up bringing her back some breakfast from an all-day spot so she didn't have to cook. Then I popped over to Joni & Alex's place to leave their little souvenirs from Halifax and, when they weren't home, I decided to stop at the comic shop and picked up a new trade to read (Genosha X). Then I drove home, stopping at the office to check out this week's schedule, and relaxed at home with Big Brother and chatting with my beautiful wife for awhile. It was a nice way to wind down and end off the weekend.


Jul. 3rd, 2011 04:16 pm
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Another long weekend draws to a close. It's the second one in a row for me, after a three day work week in the middle too (we had last Monday off for Discovery Day and Friday past off for Canada Day). In short, this week is going to seem like an eternity, haha. XD Not that I don't have it coming or that I really can complain, but still, hehe.

It was a good long weekend, though of the two I had - Monday off versus the Friday off variety - I think I prefer the former. Friday is usually a decent office day anyway, though super busy, but Mondays are just positively dreadful. That being said, though, Friday was a good day to have off as it was the first sunny day we've had in literally weeks. Saturday (and today, apparently, though I've yet to venture outdoors) was better, but Friday was pretty nice. I went into the city to celebrate the holiday with friends, and we had a nice little house party, with a BBQ (not attended by my sister and I, who instead sought out the new wings place in town which was aaaaaaaaawesome) and drinks, then some guitar playing and singing, very fun. Curiously enough everyone went home by 12:30am. Maybe we're all getting old, I dunno, but then again the first lot of people apparently showed up around 4pm (we didn't arrive until 7pm-ish) so that makes sense too, I suppose.

Saturday was a gorgeous day, and I spent the rest of the morning after waking and part of the afternoon just relaxing with Joni and Alex in their backyard. Then, of course, I went to the mall to pick up more How I Met Your Mother and season 1 of True Blood which was cheap (I know, I know, but so many people have been bugging me to check it out, so who am I to blow against the wind? XD), then just killed time, really. My buddy Shawn was working until 2:30pm so I was going to meet him, however when I got to his place close to 3pm he was gone. So I went to my sister's to pick up the leftover wings (hmm, still have those in the fridge...) and head back home, only to get a call from Shawn saying he was home now. He'd left to go to Best Buy and such, which is what I wanted to do with him, haha. XD At any rate, I went back and we hung out for awhile, but he got a call from a mutual friend to go over for supper and, while I was invited, I was an absolute mess with no good clothes to change into so I took a pass and came home. I feel bad about that because I've not seen said mutual friend in ages but I was in no shape for it, and just wanted to get home and relax online for a few hours at least.

We did raid last night, which was pretty good but oh my god, so late. I didn't get to bed until 4:15am and it was pretty light outside when I did, which I hate. :/ We did accomplish something fairly big though, I suppose, the first take down of a boss on tier 2 that we've never done before (and only did once on tier 1 I think, hmm), which was great, but omg I was so tired. I couldn't leave though, or I wouldn't let myself anyway, because I had won a 1st age symbol (used to make an uber weapon/class item) earlier in the raid and I didn't want to just bail. It turned out ok in the end, though, but hoping to avoid ever running that late again any time soon if I can. At least in the winter it's not quite as bad because it's still dark, heh, but psychologically speaking it just messes me up trying to sleep when it's light out, do not want.

Other than that, not much else new to report. Still working on writing, and still sucking at it. XD I want to maybe try some things out today, if I can, but also may try to hit the office after supper, so we'll see. I have some letters to get out and such but nothing that's super urgent, so may just wait until tomorrow, time will tell. For now I should just run out and pick up the supper that I ordered, hehe, and see what I can do I suppose. May make another entry later, some things bouncing around in my head but gotta run right now. Hope everyone else is having a nice weekend! :)
So, back to work after a long weekend. Also, Friday is Canada Day so we get that off as well, meaning this is a three day work week. \o/

The weekend started off pretty nice, even before it began: I was in court in St. John's at lunch time, you see, and a very good friend of mine (Marcus) from Marystown, where I used to work, was also in town for court. We were both done at almost the same time, 12:30pm, so we went out for lunch together to catch up which was awesome. And then I dropped him back off to his car and, after dropping off some papers for work, I popped into Chapters for some Starbucks and a browse before going home, and guess who I saw there doing the same thing? XD Very cool day indeed, was so happy. :D

We talked a lot and I forget how it came up, exactly, I think it was talk of Pirates of the Caribbean, but Michael Bolton came up and Marc asked me if I'd seen the Lonely Island video for Jack Sparrow, which hahaha I HAVE, and own the cd, so when I got home I ended up watching a bunch of Lonely Island videos, hehe. That lead into playing some EVE, then some LOTRO when my lovely wife [ profile] believeitup got home, which was fun. She actually got to come with us this time, even though we started pretty late, and we got the first boss down ok but stopped there. Had a bit of an issue with looting and trying to keep track of it all, ugh, but more on that later.

Saturday I got up and headed to town fairly early to meet up with my sister, and we went to see Bad Teacher before our other plans. It was actually pretty damn funny to me, haha, had a lot of fun, even if it clearly wasn't the best movie ever or anything. After that Jen had to do her fly work for the day, then we hit up Chapters where (to offset the money she owed me for her event ticket) she bought me a big huge book on C++, haha. Then we went to an NLC event, Perfect Pairings, where they had free samples of beer, spirits, and wine, and food to go along with the same, which was alright. A lot of my friends bailed on us and didn't go, we were expecting to have more of our group join us, but 2 others did at least and we hung out with them and had fun. Then Jen and I went to Dairy Queen for a late night snack and I stayed at her place for the night.

The C++ book was bought for me to brush up on my programming, as I intend to write some software to help with the loot rules for our kin. It's the perfect thing to write into a program, I think; a set algorithm to apply to the list of players as loot is assigned/taken, and it's a bit of a pain to do manually so a program would be awesome. Plus it gives me a chance to sharpen my oh so dull programming skills and see if I can still do what I used to do ages ago. XD I found that Microsoft offers some of its Visual 2010 studio software for free in an Express (i.e. less features than retail) version, so I snagged that and have been playing around with it. I'm still learning how to use that, used to use Visual Basic more so for messing around but that's not really powerful/elegant enough for what I wanna do. I'm kinda geeking out a little about it, to be honest, I miss programming. :)

Anyway! Sunday I got up and had brunch with Jen, then hit the brand spanking new Best Buy that literally just opened that morning, haha, getting a new keyboard for myself (a Logitech G110) with a ton of programmable buttons for games (mainly for EVE but can use some in LOTRO too), and the keys gloooooow and you can customize the colours in which they glow. XDDDDD I also scored seasons 1-4 of Babylon 5 for just $11.99 each too, very nice. :) And then I headed home to relax and chat with Sara for awhile. ♥ I also watched the finale to Game of Thrones finally and was very happy with that too. :D

Yesterday I didn't do a thing, haha, but it was nice. Just slept in and played some EVE, chatting with Brad all afternoon in game, and also watched all of the BBC's Sherlock on Blu-Ray for the first time. After supper I met up with Sara in game (LOTRO this time) and we chatted while she raided, and I got to work on rep for Caleb and then got to craft my very first Level 65 1st age! Not for me, though, but for her, but still. :D A very nice night. Went to bed around 11:30 and read some more about C++ and had a hard time sleeping, sadly, but other than that it was a good day.

Back to work today, which has been nicely brisk and somewhat productive. Signed a lot of cheques paying ourselves as Nancy has been busy billing things out, woo! And now I have an appointment in a few minutes to close out the day on, so off I go. Hope everyone else is having a nice start to their week! :)
Meme from [ profile] believeitup and many others! Pick your five favorite TV shows (in no particular order) and answer the following questions about them. Don’t cheat!

1. Veronica Mars
2. Community
3. Mad Men
4. Battlestar Galactica
5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The Questions! )
It's been awhile, I know, but I've been busy! First off, I've not forgotten the meme from last week, I've just not been around long enough to do it. Soon though!

Been an awesome trp so far. Flights down were miraculously all on time and smooth, and no luggage snafu this time, phew. Got to [ profile] believeitup's apartment just before midnight, maybe a quarter of, which may not sound like it's a big deal at first blush, but I flew down on Saturday, April 23rd, aka my birthday, and for the first time ever I got to hear Happy Birthday in person from my wife. <3 Which, again probably a small detail for some, but it meant the world to me and was the best birthday present ever. It's the little things. :)

Sunday we were up early to drive to Lahaska to meet [ profile] onlyonechoice and her family for Easter Brunch at Peddler's Village, my second time joining them there, and it was just as awesome and delicious as last year. Took a bunch of pics... on my BlackBerry, after yours truly left his camera at the apartment, having taken it out to charge the night before and everything. >.< Will upload those later, as it costs way too much to transfer data down here on an international roaming basis, but have lots of cute ones, including a new wallpaper one of me and the missus, and got a new Facebook profile picture from some of T's pics. The rest of the day saw us wandering through the Village, having a nice ride home (was so nice all day, omg, and we have a new Dodge Charger this time :D!) then home for naps and relaxing.

Monday was back to work for my baby sadly, and I got right back into the routine of bringing lunch to her, I love doing that. We had an earlyish night even though she wasn't in until lunch time Tuesday, as I had a phone appearance to make the next morning, so we hit the hay early and read for a bit, with me playing some Super Scribblenauts I got as a birthday gift from T and Sara. :D I also got both seasons of Breaking Bad from them on Blu-Ray, which is awesome, and Volume 4 of the Glee soundtracks.

Tuesday was the court appearance by phone that went exactly as I told the other lawyer how it would go, rararar. Waste of time, though worse for them - aside from nothing happening that they wanted, the judge reminded them they should be paying child support and ordered that too, heh, so there. Then Sara and I fled the hit apartment omg - it's the humidity that's making it unbearable, but fingers crossed that finally broke yesterday. We hit up a fresh market near her workplace, which had AC, as does the Charger, hehe. Then we had another low key night, cuddling up to watch the first episode of Game of Thrones and many episodes of The Republic of Doyle, which was awesome.

Wednesday was such a fantastic day, omg. It was Sara's day off and we made a day of it, heading to the King of Prussia mall for the day. Lots of both window shopping and actual purchasing, and was just nice to spend the day with my better half, especially in air conditioned cars/malls. We got in some more tv show watching that night, consuming more Republic of Doyle since I couldn't get the second episode of Game of Thrones on iTunes or anything, grr. Such a great day though, a full happy day with my wife. To cap it off, Boston beat Montreal in overtime of Game 7 to move on to the second round of the NHL playoffs! :D

Thursday it finally cooled off, and after work Sara and I got to drive around a little. We were joined by T for an amaaaaazing BBQ supper at Famous Dave's, mmmm. I just about ate it all this time, so much food omg, and so so yummeh! Then Sara and I watched the second episode of Game of Thrones after I figured out how to get my hands onto it, followed by even more Republic of Doyle. At this rate we should get to finish the first season before I go back, which I so do not want to think about. >.>

Tonight while T is gone for the evening my beautiful wife and I will be going out to supper at Outback Steakhouse, never been there so really looking forward to it. :D Then some raiding together tonight for a change, which should be fun too. :D I've had a productive day on a number of fronts, which rocks, am really enjoying it and still have supper and such to look forward to as well!

I also found reasonably priced tickets for tomorrow's Game One between Boston and Philly, which is here omg, and I'll be dropping Sara off at work and heading straight for the arena. :D It'll be well over before she gets off work so it doesn't even interfere with anything, so awesome, and omg I will get to see my first NHL playoff game, even if it's in the wrong arena. XD Will totally be going undercover so as not to get beaten up. XD

That's it for now, off to get my wife. I love her so much and am having such an amazing trip, she's so great to put up with me being (imho) clingy and such, hee. I just don't get that many hugs and such when we're apart, I guess, so I'm always holding her hand or touching her hair or her shoulder, the small of her back as we enter a room, that kind of thing. Loving this time together as always, I'm such a lucky guy. :)

Alright, speaking of which, time to stop rambling and go hop in mah Charger and get her. Hope everyone's doing well and will write again soon! :)

a quiet night

Jan. 25th, 2011 01:47 am
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Just a quick reflective post. It was a long day at work, with a tough trial taking me out of the office effectively all day when it was only scheduled for half of one (not to mention an unfavourable outcome that means I've a sentencing in the morning), but once I got home the day got considerably better.

Not that I did a lot, really, or anything of great import; I mainly chatted with a friend online, then played some LOTRO, then met my wife online on another server, where we chatted while she raided and I watched the two part s2 finale of Doctor Who (which made me incredibly sad :/), followed by some more LOTRO where I won a symbol (used to make good gear) and found an awesome cosmetic for one of my toons that makes me more incredibly happy than I should be over some mere pixels. And now I'm laying in bed, typing this on my iPad while watching a very late night Bruins/Kings game from L.A. before going to sleep.

It's just been a nice, quiet evening, for a Monday no less, so I figured I'd write about that for a change instead of my usual infrequent highs and/or lows. :) Tomorrow brings more court in the morning, a full day of interviews, and a new MMO beta to try, so off to sleep now in preparation of that. Hope everyone else had a nice day too!

Also, new icon, as I've been watching a fair bit of SCTV lately due to channel change ups! :D

a quiet night

Jan. 25th, 2011 01:47 am
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Just a quick reflective post. It was a long day at work, with a tough trial taking me out of the office effectively all day when it was only scheduled for half of one (not to mention an unfavourable outcome that means I've a sentencing in the morning), but once I got home the day got considerably better.

Not that I did a lot, really, or anything of great import; I mainly chatted with a friend online, then played some LOTRO, then met my wife online on another server, where we chatted while she raided and I watched the two part s2 finale of Doctor Who (which made me incredibly sad :/), followed by some more LOTRO where I won a symbol (used to make good gear) and found an awesome cosmetic for one of my toons that makes me more incredibly happy than I should be over some mere pixels. And now I'm laying in bed, typing this on my iPad while watching a very late night Bruins/Kings game from L.A. before going to sleep.

It's just been a nice, quiet evening, for a Monday no less, so I figured I'd write about that for a change instead of my usual infrequent highs and/or lows. :) Tomorrow brings more court in the morning, a full day of interviews, and a new MMO beta to try, so off to sleep now in preparation of that. Hope everyone else had a nice day too!

Also, new icon, as I've been watching a fair bit of SCTV lately due to channel change ups! :D
Tonight we picked our hockey teams for this year's regular season hockey pool, which took almost three hours but was nice and went pretty well. I have to appear by phone every year since the draft is for the Marystown pool, but it's still fun and I know most of the people in the pool. It's great because it gives us something else to keep in touch about and, well, hockey is awesome. :D

We pick 11 forwards, 5 defensemen, and 2 goalies, with the best 9/4/1 of each counting towards your point total. Each goal and assist is one point, and for goalies each win is a point and each shutout is 3 points (so yes, a shutout win is 4 points). And in case you're interested, here's my team:

Draft picks here! )

Also so exhausted, it's been a long day and I was up way too late last night due to game commitments. Which unfortunately didn't really produce any good results, except for reminding me why I shouldn't and don't do that kind of thing any more. So now I'm watching Community on the recommendation of a good friend, and am watching episode 4 of the first season and liking it a lot. I'm tempted to watch even more but I'm also exhausted and need to get to bed early, so after this one's over it's off to bed for me. Perhaps there'll be a little reading but that's about it, we'll see. Yes, I'm very exciting, aren't I? :D?

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