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Dec. 14th, 2014 10:53 pm
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...there's this scene in Punch-Drunk Love, after Adam Sandler's character flies to Hawaii to meet Emily Watson's character, not too long after they meet (which is the picture on the cover/poster to the film actually), when they're on a beach in the evening.

It's just a short one but the music, the lighting, for some reason it translates really well for me. Before I went to Mexico back in June I had no real basis for comparison to that kind of humidity, how it could feel, but I imagined it.

Now, having been to Mexico and having experienced warmth like that, that scene speaks to me even more. Bottom line is I wanna be somewhere warm, haha. That scene just came to mind and reminds me of that desire, which is weird because I don't normally mind the cold. I'm chalking it up to being burned out at work and just needing a rest, I think, but yeah.

Review of Man of Steel under the cut. As the cut says, warning for serious spoilers within.

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May Two Four

May. 20th, 2013 11:38 pm
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It was a pretty sedate long weekend for me, and not what I'd planned to do at all, but it still turned out to be an awesome one. Our plan was to stay with friends of ours at their cabin, which is about a 3.5 hour drive or so away, but that got scrapped when the forecast Saturday morning projected 30-35cm of snow there overnight with another 10cm the next day. There were supposed to be 16 of us there, and almost everyone pulled out aside from the 2 owners, who went out Friday night, and I think 3 other people. I feel bad because they're great friends of ours and it would've been a blast, but damn, that much snow is something to fear. Especially now, with snow tires having to be removed by April 30th (ours were off just before that), and given the remote location of the cabin (downhill and a few minutes' drive off the paved road = near impassable if we did get the snow) and the fact that Sara sadly didn't have today off like I did, we just couldn't do it. Most of the other people canceled too, but there's talk of going back for Labour Day weekend so I hope that works out. I really do love going out there, and have a blast every time I do, but it just wasn't meant to be this time round. The kicker is that while they did get some snow it wasn't really all that bad, haha. Oh well.

Instead we both stayed at home all day Saturday and relaxed. Having passed out at a decent hour on Friday night I was up by 9am and, once the cabin plans were off, I called my cousin. He'd offered a day in the city on Sunday after I helped him with some stuff, all expenses paid, to see a movie and grab a bite to eat, but we'd put it on hold after I told him I'd be gone this weekend. That was able to happen now, and we made plans for Sunday, with Saturday being a completely found day. I managed to get in some reading, along with a lot of Neverwinter playing (some with [livejournal.com profile] writteninsable and [livejournal.com profile] econ_cat, holla~!), and all in all it was a fantastic, relaxing day, just what I needed. On top of that, my uncle was in town from Ontario and he took us all out for supper, which was awesome, to celebrate my late grandmother's birthday. We did this the previous two years, with my mother's siblings making a concerted effort to gather for Nan's birthday on May 5th and to enjoy the time we have together after my Aunt Marilyn's unexpected passing at 54 in late 2010. Nan passed away in March so there wasn't a big, formal supper or anything, of course, but when my uncle came back this time we still rounded up everyone who was around to celebrate her memory. There were, gosh, maybe 14 of us I think? A big crowd, to be sure, and it was an awesome meal with my family, even if some of the food was mreh. The company was great, but some of the food was great and some not-so-great, and the service was pretty slow and lackluster; taking 10m to deliver drinks, when a lot of it was just plain beer and scotch on the rocks (for me :D) was odd, and forgetting glasses for those who asked, lime for one drink, etc. Things like that were common, and then the main meal was hit and miss, as my meat was fine but the side was small and not the best. Just a weird experience, but being there with family meant it didn't matter as much. After that I came home and played Neverwinter until I passed out, essentially, haha.

Sunday I got up early-ish, even after my late night of gaming, and drove to my cousin's house for 10am. He then drove us into the city from there - he lives about 15m away so I met him there, as the city is going the opposite way from us - and we spent most of the day in there. That was nice, because even just getting to chat with Terry is fun, and we haven't done that in ages. He's been sick, having had back surgery not too long ago and might have more in the near future, but he's able to at least get around more now. We hit up Chapters, where I picked up my only purchase of the day, the first book in a Neverwinter series that ties into the aforesaid MMO hehe, and then we had lunch together at Montana's. I forewent my usual steak dinner, partly because it seemed like they only had a lunch menu on and there was virtually no steak options on it as opposed to their supper menu, and partly because I wanted to try their ribs. I'd had a small portion of ribs with my supper the previous night, so I wanted to give Montana's a shot, and Terry had the same, and man. Deeeeeeeeelish, omg. That was a fabulous meal, then we hit up Best Buy and Staples so Terry could pick up some things before returning to the mall to see Star Trek: Into Darkness. No spoilers, but I liked it a lot. Maybe not quite as much as the first one, to be honest, but I'll see how I feel after seeing it a few more times. Definitely one I'll be buying once it comes out. The only bad thing about the movie experience was the renovations to the theatre, which left only one long ass line for food, and maybe they weren't expecting many people because of the long weekend (usually people go camping for May 24th but not us XD) but dang, it was slammed. So much so that even though we got there ~15-20m before the movie started, normally plenty of time for food, there was no earthly way we were getting popcorn without missing some of the movie. So we capitulated and went to the local drug store in the mall, picking up some chips, chocolate, and pop there, which was much cheaper of course but dammit, I love me some movie popcorn. Ah well. We left for home after the movie and I caught the 3rd period of the Bruins/Rangers game at Terry's place (go Bruins, woo!) before heading back home. Sara and I made an early night of it, kind of, going to bed between the 2nd and 3rd periods of the Pens/Sens game, and I stopped fighting it and quickly fell asleep after the first overtime of that one.

Today I was up early again, around 9am, and it's been a pretty sedate day. I mainly watched hockey when it was on, read some more of the recent Neverwinter book I picked up, and messed around with the Goodreads app, adding a bunch of friends and a ton of books into my library there. Tomorrow or later on this week I may try and unpack a bunch of boxes I've had packed for ages, both to try and clean up a little and to get them added into my library as well. We'll see that goes, no huge hurry for that, but it'd be nice to find some of my old things again. I meant to do some writing and a bunch of other things but alas, I was lazy. It was a nice, relaxing day though so I'm grateful for that, and now it's off to bed to catch the end of the game and maybe read a bit before sleeping.

Last but certainly not least, Happy Anniversary to my amazing wife and best friend, [livejournal.com profile] believeitup! Love you and here's to spending many, many more together. ♥
I haven't been updating this as much as I should, but will try to cover everything that's been going on lately, with convenient LJ cuts and everything. :)

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Taking a break to come up for air at work. It's been busy as usual for this time of year, but things are mostly getting done. I'm especially happy that I've managed to (mostly) finish my [livejournal.com profile] yuletide assignment, and one for another gift exchange, w00t. I just need to implement the changes from the beta on the former and tidy up the latter and voila, all done! I may try to write some treats or other things for Yuletide, depending on whether inspiration strikes or not, we shall see.

Off for lunch now, and Pitch Perfect is out today so I may just make a slight detour to Wal-Mart to pick up a copy of the same. Happy Tuesday everyone!
Enjoying a nice, peaceful weekend. Friday started off with a marathon night of Guild Wars 2 with my buddy Brad which was awesome, and I figured that was indicative of what the rest of the weekend would be like.

I was wrong, however. My sister reminded me that earlier in the week I'd offered to come into the city to help her pick out things for my mother's Christmas stocking (she always did ours as kids, heck, still does, so a few years ago my sister started making one for Mom and I help out), and my wife was working, so into the city I went. It meant less sleep, in theory, but even with staying up until almost 3am playing GW2 and getting up at 9 to get ready I still had a great night's rest. The day was really nice too, as my sister and I haven't spent much time together lately with her new job and with me being busy out home. We hung out, got to see Wreck-It Ralph which, omg, I loved. So, so much. Definitely on my must own list once it's out on video. We also picked up her dog's Christmas pictures, then came out home and later last night we did the shopping for mom.

After that I just watched tv with Sara, which was nice, especially the Friday night episode of The Late Late Show. Craig Ferguson is the man and this past week he actually had Richie Sambora as his house band, when normally he has no one, haha. It was a great week, so funny. Then I just ended up writing, finally working on Yuletide in earnest since it's only another 11 days until it's due. How did that happen again? I've also got another exchange due on the 21st but as that's also an Avengers one and only 2k minimum, and I just finished a huge (for me) 11k Avengers crossover fic, I'm focusing on Yuletide for now. I got as far as 1,667 words last night, which was great, at least I'm over the minimum now.

Today I got up early again, around 10am this time after going to sleep close to 3 again after watching SNL with Sara. Most of the day has been devoted to Yuletide again, and now I'm well over 5k words. To say I'm very pleased with this development would be an understatement, haha. I only wish I'd had this kind of wind behind my sails for NaNo but what can you do? I'm just enjoying being able to write again, and really, really liking this fic. I'll link it here in the New Year after the whole reveal and all, but I really hope the person for whom I'm writing will like it. I'm about half way through what I plan to write, so it'll be a nice, long fic for sure. Huzzah!

Back to writing for me, I think, and maybe a quick break to wash the dishes, before I pick up the wife from work. It's been a great weekend, and I hope everyone else's has been just as good or better! :)

catching up

Oct. 15th, 2012 11:59 am
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We spent a lot of time this weekend just relaxing and watching movies, which was nice. On Saturday we watched a handful of Trailer Park Boys episodes, and then yesterday we watched There Will Be Blood, The Fifth Element, and Starship Troopers. The former Sara hadn't seen, the middle one I hadn't, and we watched the last one just because. I own TWBB on DVD so we watched that, and the last two (and the TPB episodes) on Netflix, which was nice. I really haven't been using Netflix much despite having continually paid $8 a month for, what, over a year now I'm sure, so it's good to actually use it. My cousin recently asked me to help install a new router in his house, which I did, including setting up the wireless on his new tv and we got Netflix working on that. While browsing it to make sure it worked I saw a bunch of things I wanted to watch so now I'm hoping to use it more.

Writing has been going well too, in fits and starts at least. I managed to finish a rough draft for a mini bang (5k minimum, my draft's ~7,200) and have an artist to work with for the first time ever which is very exciting. :D I have a few other challenges that I'm involved with too, which are going ok, and last but not least [livejournal.com profile] yuletide opened up for sign-ups yesterday. It's hard to believe it's been a year since the last one, wow. I may try to bang out some little treats for last year's tags before they close too, we'll see.

Weird day

Sep. 11th, 2012 11:39 pm
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So, today ended up being a day off of sorts for me. Well, totally a day off because our office was closed all day and I didn't go to work, but it was because of Hurricane Leslie, which (thankfully) turned into Tropical Storm Leslie shortly after getting here.

Thankfully it went way better for us than the last big storm; the last one cost us a tree and basically had us redo our entire basement, all the flooring right down to the earth and ground up to 3' high of all the walls. It was a nightmare, walking into our basement and having the water be up to your knees, but at least we didn't have much there back then. Had that happened today, however, omg. Don't even want to think about it, and luckily we didn't have to worry much. Our part of the island only had to put up with the strong winds, and we got very little rain. Our power was only out until 11-11:30am or so, that was nice too. Other places in the city, including my sister's place, still don't have power, and there was some major damage in some places but we got out unscathed this time around.

I feel a little like I wasted the day but I did get some work done around the house, got to spend quality time with the cat haha, and had a nice day overall, so I shouldn't beat myself up over it. I also got to see Close Encounters of the Third Kind for the first time ever (I know, I know) which was nice too.

Tomorrow it's off to court, giving my uncle a ride into town to the airport on the way, then supper with friends after before coming back out. Should be a nice time, and I'll also be holding my breath that the meeting I hear the NHL and the NHLPA have in the morning turns out to be really good news.

of pastimes

Aug. 27th, 2012 12:29 pm
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Big Brother is in full swing now, which has been pretty much the only tv show we watch regularly now, aside from the ever present Storage Wars / Love It or List It / Pawn Stars etc. that's almost always on otherwise. It's been entertaining this year, better than last year, and it's nice to actually have someone here watching it with me instead of just texting my sister about it. We still do text and e-mail, of course, but sharing it with my wife makes it much better. :)

Other than that, I've mainly entertained myself by reading and messing about with various mini games, namely Marvel Avengers Alliance on Facebook and The Simpsons: Tapped Out on the iPad. There's also been some MMO playing again, with the Guild Wars 2 headstart having gone live as of Saturday. That's been pretty fun, especially because I picked up a couple of novels set in the Guild Wars universe that's gone a long way towards familiarizing myself with the lore of the game. When I played the beta ages ago I felt a little overwhelmed and lost in the game, both with its setting and its lore being so unfamiliar to me, but having just about read one of those books when I started playing on Saturday it was way more familiar to me which helped a ton. I still need to find a strategy guide or something for it as I still have a lot of questions about the mechanics of the game but that'll come in time; the game has a Wiki but it's down right now, and an online "manual" which is a bunch of videos, so I need something more than that.

I finally watched The Hunger Games last night too, having picked it up on Blu-Ray when it came out last week. Thankfully watching it at home didn't make me sick unlike the IMAX experience where I had to leave and ask for a refund. I enjoyed it, though I hope I didn't bug Sara too much with my "it's different in the book..." and "instead of that, in the book..." comments throughout. XD


May. 4th, 2012 09:56 am
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Yesterday I realized I was supposed to file a brief for something I have in court next week, a settlement conference. Often the court itself will call you if you don't have it in about a week or so before the date but this time they didn't, and surprise, mine wasn't done. That being said, I didn't have the other side's brief either, which was somewhat comforting (often in the past I've been spurred on to get mine done when the other side's brief arrives at my office, whoops >.>), but it still didn't relieve me of the burden of completing and filing my own.

So, on a day when I was blocked with appointments, I worked on it in between said appointments (with one no-show which turned out to be a good thing as it gave me more time) and completed it in the early afternoon, getting it out to the court and the other solicitor by courier at the end of the day, so they'll have it in their hands before lunch today.

Congrats on doing your job, you say, which is accurate, and maybe I shouldn't be so proud for getting something done that I should've had done before, haha, but in not panicking or freaking out and just buckling down and getting things done when it needed to get done, I dunno. I was happy with myself. Not too long ago I would've had a panic attack or something but I managed to get it done alright. Still, I know, hardly above and beyond the call of duty, more like satisfactorily completing the minimum requirements of my job at the last minute, but I'm still happy. XD

In other news, [livejournal.com profile] believeitup and I have tickets to see The Avengers on Sunday in RealD 3D, can't wait! We could've had IMAX ones but, well, after my fiaso with The Hunger Games we decided to lower it a notch this time around. I can definitely see multiple viewings of this movie in our future so if it doesn't look too shaky or whatnot then maybe next time I'll do IMAX. Either way every single word of mouth review I've heard has been extremely positive so I'm anxious to see it myself. We've got a birthday supper for my nan on Saturday, then off to the city for a Cinco de Mayo party, and then we're seeing the movie at a Sunday matinee before coming back home. Should make for a busy but fantastic weekend! :)


May. 3rd, 2012 04:12 pm
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I came pretty close to jumping at another Big Bang idea the other day but managed to wrestle my instincts down. I don't know if they'd even allow you to use unfinished works towards their challenge but I have one that I failed to complete awhile ago and could potentially use it, if they allowed it, but I dunno. I failed pretty hard with the last two so I don't want to set myself up for that again, I guess. Ideally I should be able to write more in the future, once we get settled away and things calm down a little, but I'm still wary of committing to anything at this juncture. We'll see.

Maybe if I can work on some other things and prove to myself that I can get things done then I can consider something later. After all, I don't have to be engaged in some competition or anything to write, I can just do so at any time, right?

In other news, really digging the new music I've gotten lately. The one upside to having to drive 15m from home to work, and doing so in the morning, to and from lunch, then home again, is I get to listen to an album and then some each day in my commuting. I've been listening to the new M. Ward album, which is great, and the new Rufus Wainwright which I really like as well. I need to get the new Jack White into rotation too, maybe after this listen through of the new Wainwright, we'll see!

Also, picked up the movie Haywire to watch last night and was pretty disappointed. :/ With so many big names I'd hoped for something better. Maybe it's just me, but I just could not follow it. I'm not the smartest guy in the world, far from it, but intelligence isn't my dump stat either, so I don't know. Maybe I'll watch it again later and see if I can make heads or tails of it but for now, mreh.

weird day

Mar. 21st, 2012 11:43 pm
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It's been an interesting day alright. It started off kinda weird - last night I watched The Muppets, which is quite possibly my favourite movie from last year (definitely the most enjoyable theatre experience I had last year), and it gave me odd dreams I think. Near by bed (on it when it's made, on the side otherwise) is a Build-A-Bear my wife made me way back where we were dating, a little black bear in a Bruins uniform (Phil Bear, for the record, after then-Bruin Phil Kessel), and sometime in the wee small hours of the morning I woke up and started taking his jersey off. I do not know why, and I remember sort of waking up halfway through and was like "what the eff am I doing?" I think I started putting it back on and then was like wait, I should be sleeping, and just left him there like he is now. I don't even know, it was kind of bizarre, not gonna lie.

The other weird thing was when I went to court this morning. It was pretty cold, as we got a little bit of snow last night, and it was still chilly out today. I parked my car across the road from the courthouse - it was a first appearance day and even though I was there 10m early it was still packed - and went to cross the road, when I heard a little 'ting!' noise and noticed my wedding ring was no longer on my finger. Uh-oh. I was crossing at a crosswalk and there were no cars coming, so I took a minute or two to look at the ground, figuring the morning sun would bounce off of the shiny silver and show me its location in no time flat. Noooooope. So after moving back to look at another angle, a car or two drive by, which makes me panic. What if by some freak coincidence the ring got imbedded in one of those tires and was being driven away? Or what if it fell on its side and went rolling down the hill somewhere - the court is sort of on a hill, kinda - which meant it could be anywhere by now. Oh man. Not only did I lose my ring, but there went my idea of getting there early to talk to the Crown (which, by the by, failed anyway since she didn't show up until after the 9:30 start time anyway >.>). I decided to go inside and get one of the bailiffs to maybe come help me find it, reaching into my pocket for my keys as I did so - and, to my relief, felt the ring in my pants pocket. It had apparently fallen off as I was putting my hand in my pocket and the 'ting!' had been it hitting the keys. Pheeeeeeeeew. Needless to say I've been looking down at my finger very frequently all day, haha. I'm guessing the cold shrunk my finger or something because it's usually not a problem, so yeah, just weird.

Other than that, work went well enough, and this evening I gave myself the task of redeeming all the digital copies of movies I have laying about the room while watching You Again. A few of them were already expired, sadly, and a few require downloads - 1.5gb or so each and my connection suuuuuuuuuucks, so may do it overnight or something - and reorganized a few things. I also made wings for supper but they sucked, the first batch of them I cooked (way back on Superbowl Sunday) were awful but I slightly overcooked (read: burnt) them, but these were actually just as bad even though I was way more observant with them. Must either be a bad batch or just bad wings overall I guess, which sucks. Ah well. I'm kinda proud that I actually made supper instead of getting take out; the folks are in the city to help my sister move to her new apartment (that's a whole 'nother story itself, for another time maybe) so I was on my own, but I'm trying to cut back. In that vein, the girls at work are doing a little friendly competition to see who can lose the most weight, and I'm so in on it. Tomorrow morning we weigh in at the office and we'll be keeping track, though I'll have to do it on my own while in the US next week. Still, I love the idea, and encouragement is always a good thing, since left to my own devices, well. Yeah. So this will be good. :)
Managed to catch up on some more movies last night, namely Warrior, which I think [livejournal.com profile] beanarie will be glad to hear I've finally watched. XD I picked it up when it came out on video, maybe even the same day, but have been horrible with watching things I own until lately. I'm trying to get better at that, having finally watched Drive the night before last, and then that last night. Really liked it too, pretty kick ass movie, literally and figuratively speaking. XD Now I can go and read some of the fic I've seen people link to about it since I've finally seen the movie. :)
Off to town for the day today. Wasn't planning on going in, as I'll be gone all of next week for a bachelor party that's a weekend away with the guys in a cabin in central NL with snowmobiling and the like. I've never really driven one so here's hoping it goes well. XD But yes, the other day a friend asked me to come in and I haven't really seen him much lately so I'm going in to have supper and hang out awhile. Pre-plans include maybe seeing a movie with my sister, as The Artist is playing again in there, and after I see everyone I'll probably head home tonight. If I stay in there overnight I'll just sleep in tomorrow and linger in the city which will a.) cost me money, and b.) mean I won't get into the office tomorrow like I want to do. So we'll see, should be a good day anyway.

I'm also queuing up what I want to listen to on the drive in. My experiment with rap continues, having picked up Nicki Minaj's first album and Dr. Dre's 2001 earlier this week. The former I mainly got from hearing her on some of Kanye's songs but, well, honestly a little underwhelmed at the album on the first spin. Granted, that's only one listen, but it's nothing like I thought it'd be. The latter I know I've heard many, many people talk about before, I just never was into rap so only getting to listen to it now, haha. We'll see how it goes I guess.

When it comes to music, I've been trying to push my boundaries a bit. I've always been pretty open minded about music to begin with, at least I like to think so; country, rock, pop, metal, indie, alternative, I've always listened to a bit of everything. Certain things like classical, though, and rap, and awhile ago jazz (though that's been on hold with rap taking over lately, heh), I've never really tried out extensively, so here I am. Classical scares me the most in a way because there's so many different versions of things out there, it's a little daunting. This is probably because my normal M.O. is to just buy up whatever there is of an artist I like and give it a shot, but with classical there's so many different people doing versions of things, and so much of it, you can't really do that. Having only so much money - and only so much finite time to listen to things - prevents that, heh. I dunno, maybe I'll turn my ear back to that next, we'll see. Main thing is so far I'm really enjoying the new things I've set out to listen to lately. :)
Last night while watching the Oscars I was thinking about movie watching in general, and my lack of it lately. I think this year's Oscars was the worst ever for me in terms of having seen nominated movies - Moneyball was the only one of the nine Best Picture nominations I'd seen and I think the last Harry Potter movie was up for a technical Oscar or something, but other than that I hadn't seen any of them, I don't think. The whole Oscars in general got me thinking back to the Oscar pool Yahoo used to host and how we'd always do them each year in Law School, having a viewing party at Jillian's place, it was always a good time. Back then I would have seen most if not all of the big pictures, but things have certainly changed.

These days I hardly watch movies at all, it seems. Even my formally frequent forays to the theatre are more and more infrequent lately. I still pick up the odd Blu-Ray or DVD (being a video snob nonetheless I go with the former when I can, but still don't mind DVDs for TV shows) but you should see the stack next to my TV alone, ugh. I've been better lately, as part of my global media initiative to consume what I have before buying more, but even with that working well for books, CDs, TV shows, and video games, it's not really working with movies. I just don't watch them.

A big part of it is this: for some reason, I'm always telling myself I need to do more. I need to be mutlitasking. Why sit back and watch a movie when I can put on a hockey game (which, thanks to the NHL Network, there's virtually always a game on every night), listen to music, all while either writing on the computer, chatting with people, or playing a PC game? I can do 3-4 things at once instead of just one, so the choice is obvious, right? I've broken through that line of thinking somewhat with reading, as every now and then I'll just read instead of doing a bunch of things, but that's reverted back to being a bedtime thing; that's how I wind down at night, unplug myself and read for awhile before sleeping. I haven't sat down and read just because I could since, oh, a few weeks ago when I powered through the first Hunger Games book, which ironically enough I did in anticipation of the movie, heh.

Does anyone else feel this way sometimes? Like you have to be doing all that you can in your free time or else it's a waste of time, that you're not maximizing your potential? I'm wondering how much of it is influenced by the world we live in today, where you can always be plugged in thanks to cell phones, tablets, wifi, 3G, etc., and how much of it is my own way of thinking. It's a question that comes to mind all the time lately, about whether I'm doing enough or if I should be doing more, or am I doing too much as it is? Just food for thought, I guess, which came to mind last night and I figured I'd throw out here just to see if anyone else has ever pondered the same thing.


Nov. 3rd, 2011 12:44 am
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So, so busy with work lately, omg. And when that's not happening I'm now working on NaNo and RP, or away in the city for work the next day. It's been about as hectic as I can ever recall, and I'm hoping it'll calm down soonish. Not tomorrow or Friday for certain, but after next week things kind of lighten up a little. I hope.

Other than that, not too much else to talk about, I suppose. Saw a few movies lately, In Time and The Three Musketeers, mayhap I'll do a review of them later (under cuts to avoid spoilers!) but they were ok. Have fallen behind in tv watching again, which was to be expected each fall, but will try to catch up on that as time allows. Again, NaNo is going to be the main occupier of my time now, along with RP. RP makes me so happy, omg. Layla/Sarah logs especially have a special place in my ♥. XP in general is awesome and I'm happy that Sam is fitting in better than I worried he might, I was worried with all his previous history I'd mess him up but I think it's going pretty well. Need to look into logging more stuff with him though, I think. Which reminds me, crap, need to tag something before sleeping!

Lots of new music that I want to write about too, including Foster the People, who I'm loving at the moment, and some new cds I got yesterday that I've yet to properly absorb yet - Lights, Lou Reed & Metallica, and Maroon 5 albums. Will listen to them when writing - I always seem to get more music during November to help with the writing, it seems - and post more later.

So yeah, will try to write a better update in the near future, but the bottom line is busy busy busy, omg, hurry up weekend. XD
So, long time no post! I've been insanely busy with work lately, and then I come home and bury myself in something else to forget about it. Last week LOTRO put out its latest expansion, upping the level cap from 65 to 75, so you can guess what my latest time sink has been, heh. Well. Same old time sink, I suppose, just in a different light. Now instead of just raiding on the weekends I'm leveling up most week nights. I did take most of Saturday and Sunday off, though, after a very frustrating Friday night, but I've been working on it again lately. I'm still amazed at how past some people are burning through it, though; I saw people in the game hitting 75 the effing day after it came out, just, why? And people in kin are flying too, we have 4-5 75s now, and have for awhile. To each their own, I guess.

In the new music category, so many good new things lately. Namely the latest Jim Cuddy album, Skyscraper Soul, and the newest Wilco album, The Whole Love, both of which I've already given several listens and both of which I am fond. I've also been playing the accordion a little, haha, mainly because of a traditional song I downloaded on .mp3 back in my law school days (when I lived away from home and was nostalgic) that comes on after the Jim Cuddy album on iTunes. I heard it the other day and realized it was in the key of G, which my folks' accordions can play, and I picked one up and messed around with it until I figured it out, hehe. Need to transcribe it, as it were, for Mom since she asked. All their songs are in simple notation, not sheet music, i.e. there's a row of buttons for each key and the songs they play are written out with button numbers, with a stroke over the number if it's a pull out note instead of a push in, hehe. So that was kinda neat. :)

What else... hockey starts soon, which reminds me, once again I've failed to call my buddy Marc about that, whoops. I'm guessing we'll pick our teams either tomorrow or Wednesday night before the season starts, though due to people being away and/or busy we've picked teams after the season has started in the past, it's just not preferable. We'll see, and I also need to talk to him about potentially visiting him this weekend, if I still wanna do that, I dunno. On the fence but leaning towards going, I think.

I'm also reading a lot more again, thanks to some various books I've dug out of the "oh hey I forgot I had that!" pile, haha. XD Mainly a Christopher Hitchens one I started months ago, and an Elminster book I should finish since I've already gone and bought the next one in the series on hardcover for some reason. ^_^;; I'm horrible like that, I know, I know.

I also finished a Resident Evil marathon of sorts tonight, though I suppose since I started on Saturday night it's not really a marathon, haha. XD I watched the first two movies Saturday night, then the third on Netflix last night, and tonight the latest on Blu Ray. I bought it in the US ages ago when it first came out but kept meaning to watch the first ones before seeing it, and finally broke down and did just that this weekend. I meant to awhile ago but couldn't remember if I owned the third one and couldn't find it if so, but finally realized it's on Netflix so that solved that. I'm watching season 6 of How I Met Your Mother too which is awesome.

Speaking of tv, I also finished Supernatural season 6 and have started watching season 7 now, and am attempting to watch many tv shows this year: The New Girl, Survivor, Supernatural, The Ringer, Community, and Archer to name a few. There may be others that I'm forgetting, but yes, am trying to get back into the swing of things.

Alright, off to bed for me now, trying to get back to a better bedtime since it's been helping with work when I do, so it's something I should keep up, yes? :)
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I would take it back to 3,000+ years before the original movies, set in the Old Republic. There would be no worries about continuity/comparisons with the original trilogy, nor any need to seamlessly connect them. No need for awkward romantic arcs. Instead, the movie would focus on the sacking of Coruscant by the Sith and the ensuing conflict between the Jedi and the Sith in detail.

Unlike the other movies in the franchise, this would allow the story of both the Sith and the Jedi to be told without limiting either. At that point in time there would be no rule of two, as in the prequel trilogy, and there would be no near extinction of Jedi, as in the original trilogy. The sky would be the limit, and being free from the chains of continuity would allow more unique characters to come to fruition while still revealing key moments in the Star Wars universe's past.

Older technology would also allow the special effects teams to instead focus on the core tech of the time, i.e. lightsabers and blasters, and there would be no need to delve into unnecessary and bloated technology/science, such as cloning and midichlorians, which arguably hurt the prequel films. Likewise, a younger and smaller Republic would not be bogged down in politics, another much criticized component of the prequels.

It would reinvigorate the franchise, in my humble opinion, and rekindle the audience's love of the franchise without the pressure of having to live up to and connect with the beloved original films. It would be a can't miss project.


Aug. 16th, 2011 11:54 pm
canadiandiamond: ([Dead Like Me] Sigh)
Watched Super tonight which was way more violent than I thought it'd be. Not a bad movie, though, but I loved the actors in it (particularly Rainn Wilson and Ellen Page) so that helped colour my opinion of it as a whole, I think.

While watching it I played around in LOTRO, spending a lot of time working on crafting for a few of my characters, which... seems a bit futile now, I dunno. It was quiet all night while I did that, which is one of the reasons that's why I did, and just logged off now and people are showing up, starting to raid, people in glff are looking for people to do stuff, just as I have to go to bed. Well, actually, by my new recent attempts at a decent bedtime I should have been in bed over an hour ago, so that's even worse. But it felt good while I was doing it, like I was accomplishing something, so that's good, yeah?

Home alone tonight and for the next two weeks or so; the folks are off on their vacation, driving off somewhere. Mom called to check in earlier and they're about half way across the island, may make a run for Labrador it sounds like it. I know I usually just come right upstairs whenever I get home anyway so it shouldn't be a huge deal, but feels a little lonely around here, I dunno. Have tons of food, lots to do, so there's no need to, so I'm just chalking it up to the general feeling of crap making it seem that way or something.

Off to bed now, going to put on an episode of How I Met Your Mother before I drift off. Trying not to linger on a passing thought I had earlier today, which was that one year ago today I was so very happy compared to now, and instead am telling myself to think about where I'll be one year from today and how it'll be much better than it is right now. Also need to turn on the AC, it's stifling hot here in the room, even though it's not all that warm outside.


Aug. 8th, 2011 11:59 am
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Hope everybody had a nice weekend. Mine turned out to be ok, a bit odd I suppose, but not horrible.

Friday I left work early around lunch time to attend the funeral of my great aunt, who passed away last Tuesday. She'd been sick for awhile but seemed to be doing better, but when I was flying back from Halifax on Tuesday my cousin (well, mom's 1st cousin, my... 2nd?) was on the plane with me because her mom wasn't doing well. She did end up passing away later that evening, and the funeral was on Friday. It was sad of course but there were a lot of good memories shared and it was a lovely service, and there was so much family there. As one friend opined, it's sad that it's usually only at weddings and funerals everyone gets together and more of the latter than not, but what a huge amount of relatives that were there. I was related to more of them than I realized, including my grandfather's little brother (who's now 69) that I've not seen in... well, probably since an infant and I wouldn't remember, heh. There were 5+ pews full of family at the service, which helps, having so many people to lean on at such a time.

Friday night involved raiding which was fun socially speaking, but we got very little accomplished in the raiding sense, taking down just the one boss when we usually get two or three done. It was just a weird night, and people just weren't listening at all, and when communication is key to completing the raid successfully, well, there you have it. It ended up being a late night and I crashed pretty much immediately after we stopped, which was almost 3:30am.

Saturday I headed into the city with my sister, who came out for the funeral. After running an errand for Dad we hit the theatre and caught a matinee of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, which was actually better than I thought it'd be. Without getting into spoilers, I was wondering how they'd actually connect to the original premise and that it'd be difficult to do, but they did a decent job with that. Then I stopped in the Bell Aliant store in the mall and ended up getting a new phone, haha. My old BlackBerry wasn't up to snuff, especially in Halifax; we had no wifi in our hotel so it was my lifeline to all things internet and it was slow, laggy, and just not capable of doing what I wanted. It would lag a lot and for some reason it'd skip and jump about at times when you tried to touch any icons, which is annoying since it's a touchscreen phone. So now I have a Samsung Galaxy II phone, running the Android OS, which I now have to get used to, but that's part of the fun with a new phone, right?

Saturday night we had a house party, and I ended up driving and played with my phone most of the night, heh. We also played some guitar, and it was fun even though I didn't really know the vast majority of the people there. I expected more of our crowd to show up but they didn't due to other commitments, but it was still a nice night. It ran way late too, though; by the time I got to sleep at my sister's place after dropping everyone off and having a quick bite to eat it was 4am. x.x

Not much happened on Sunday. Jen wanted to stay home since the dog had been locked up most of the previous day so she couldn't go out with me for food, so I popped out and had lunch and ended up bringing her back some breakfast from an all-day spot so she didn't have to cook. Then I popped over to Joni & Alex's place to leave their little souvenirs from Halifax and, when they weren't home, I decided to stop at the comic shop and picked up a new trade to read (Genosha X). Then I drove home, stopping at the office to check out this week's schedule, and relaxed at home with Big Brother and chatting with my beautiful wife for awhile. It was a nice way to wind down and end off the weekend.

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