Making a quick entry now, as the subject indicates, before I forget. Or more accurately, before I go to bed and then get all caught up in work tomorrow, then come home and lose myself in a game or something before going to bed late and doing the same thing again the next day.

Work has been pretty overwhelming lately and while it's not going to be quite as rough in theory for the next while, it'll be busy. I had two major trials set for mid-May and early-June that both went away for different reasons, which was good but still resulted in a lot of work leading up to them. My boss is also leaving to run for politics again, we won't know until the end of this week if he'll be back or not, and if he isn't it'll make things a major headache as we try to absorb / send his files out (hoping if it comes to that we won't have to take them all as he has some really seriously complicated things but we'll see, no good to worry about that just now).

As a result I've been horrible with writing in general, which is why I wanted to spit this out now when I should be sleeping instead of waiting for later when I likely won't do it. I come home, play Heroes of the Storm (HotS) or Diablo III (D3), watch TV (sometimes at the same time), then go to bed. That's pretty much it. I really love HotS and play it a fair bit, though that's giving way to D# lately as a friend of mine who hadn't played it at all tried it and bought it like, what, almost 2 months ago now?

I started playing D3 a bit as a result of an awesome HotS YouTuber I follow, MFPallytime, who plays D3 as well and has some videos I watched and wanted to try. I bought D3 when it launches like 3+ years ago and finished it way back then with a Demon Hunter who I only got to like level 30 or something. You could get to 60 back then, and there was an expansion maybe a year and a half back or so that increased that to 70 and added another class. I bought that too but never played it until a few months ago, thanks to Pallytime's vids.

Also, to go back to HotS a bit, I love Pallytime and his group, Squadron, who stream HotS (and other games too I think but they're all about HotS now) on Twitch and YouTube, and even Sara watches them with me now (we're also been enjoying making our way through 30 Rock and Geek & Sundry's Titansgrave: Ashes of Valkana series too which is worth watching fyi). There are a ton of them and they're all fun and awesome streamers, and if you're at all interested or curious in them or HotS you should check them out. Their YouTube stuff is at which is such an easy URL to remember haha.

Anyway, D3. I started messing about with a Wizard build that Pally was using, and rediscovered a love for the game and grinding it I guess, hah. I mentioned it to my friend and he bought a copy after trying it out, and we leveled our characters to 70 together. There's a gem in the game you can get which, when leveled itself high (I know, I know, I just like mindless grinding and min/maxing I guess XD), allows you to slot it in a weapon and reduce that item's required level to 1. What does this mean? It means you can get an amazing level 70 weapon, slap this gem in it, and give it to a newly made level 1 character to powerlevel them to 70 haha. It's so much fun that I know have almost all 6 classes leveled to 70, with the last one being at 60 because even I get a little tired of grinding sometimes. XD

My friend has put WAY more hours into it than I have and as a result has a lot more paragon levels. Paragon levels are the ultimate expression of grinding to me - once you hit 70 you can still get XP, it just goes to additional levels that let you add points to any character you own in the form of, like, +armour %, +attack speed %, things that scale with your character so they're not straight overpowered but really do add a lot. Those paragon levels can go on forever I think, and right now I'm at 210 or so, and my friend is over 300 haha. That's an account wide level though which is nice.

So yeah, grind grind grind. I like it though, and it's exactly what my brain wants after the craziness that's sadly become a regular fixture at work these days. My apologies for not writing here more, or for being slow to reply to e-mails as well. I'm really hoping things get better, and they have slightly but we'll see what happens with the boss. For now I'm still happy to grind things out as a digital panacea, and just wanted to check in with y'all for what it's worth.

And now I sleep before work tomorrow. Hope everyone had a great weekend and that this week goes well! :)
It feels weird being at work so early. I got here at like 8am when we open at 9am and my first appointment's not until 9:30am but I figured I might as well come in early after dropping my wife off at work so here I am. It's actually 8:37am as I start to type this but it's been nice and quiet, allowing me to get to writing letters I've been meaning to get done for a while now.

By way of a general update, I finished Diablo III a little over a week ago now. Only on normal, though, and I think my character was just level 33 (the cap being 60) so there's lots left to play, especially if I try another class, but for now I'm content to give it a break. It's fun, don't get me wrong, but see my earlier posts re: difficulty in just playing it for a short period of time and needing to allow for more time than I usually want. I'm presuming that will only increase with the harder difficulty settings, or at best stay the same with a new character, so it's on the shelf for awhile.

Writing has been going well, thanks in no small part to the humongous task of logging in Genosha in XP. That's been extremely fun though, definitely, and it's helped me get back into the game somewhat too. Before that I was slumping a little post-Christmas, not really doing all that much, but now I'm right back into logging again which is nice. Aside from that I've got a cool little crossover fanfic story idea that I'm slowly but surely working on, which is about the only other non-RP thing I'm writing at the moment, but I'm happy with that for now.

Music has been great lately, with a whole slew of new albums and artists having caught my ear: Jack White's new solo album, Blunderbuss, is pretty good (though I need to give it a few more spins), been loving the latest by M. Ward and by Rufus Wainwright, downloaded the new Garbage album and like it so far after a couple of listens, picked up the newest offering from The Hives yesterday which is just as short and intense as ever, and listened to all of Fun's album, the band with that big hit We Are Young. The rest of their album's not too bad either, though we only gave it one listen so far on the drive to Burin this past weekend. And the new Metric comes out in less than a week now, I'm very excited about that, not gonna lie. I pre-ordered it and will be getting one of the 500 limited edition box thingies, not sure what to call it, but it'll be signed by the band and everything, pretty stoked. :D For lack of a description, here's their site, and apparently it's called a stereobox. Neat. :)

That's about it on this end for now, back to work for which I'm still early even though I've already got a bunch of stuff done and still had time to post this. Nice. :D

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May. 17th, 2012 09:54 am
canadiandiamond: (Peasant's Quest!)
So, Diablo III. I'm really enjoying it so far but man, what a struggle it was to install. I preordered it ages ago and had the client for a long time, just waiting before I was allowed to install it the day before launch. I tried to set it up - you were supposed to be able to run the installer and preload things, eventually bringing up a splash screen with an 'Install' button that wouldn't actually install until May 14th, allowing you to play at midnight PST on the 15th, but mine would never let me do that. I thought it might've been missing some files or functionality before the 14th so didn't mess with it too much, thinking I'd get it done on the 14th. Then I spent a good 4+ hours on the 14th and found out I was just one of many having the same problem, it wouldn't install period. I was super frustrated, as were many others, and couldn't even post in the forums about it at first because it said my account was inactive or canceled, even though I'd paid for the game ages ago - it turned out that was because their new forums need you to select an avatar for posting and, by default, mine was an old WoW one which, yes, is inactive. I couldn't make a Diablo III one though because I couldn't install, but luckily I own StarCraft II as well so I was able to use that name to post.

Further wrestling with things on Tuesday I finally got it to work. The cost? Having to completely remove - not just deactivate, which didn't work, but remove - all of my antivirus and antispam/adware software from my machine. Ouch. I haven't tried reinstalling them yet but hopefully I'll be able to do that sometime soon. Thankfully I only use AVG and other assorted free programs so it's not like I'm wasting money but still, wow.

As of right now I'm just glad it finally works and have been enjoying the heck out of it. I haven't been playing it 24/7 for fear of burning out, but have put in several hours per night just getting used to it. Many years of MMO playing have my left hand perpetually hovering over the WSAD keys for movement so that's taking some getting used to but I'm coming around. I've been rocking the Demon Hunter class and am loving it, though I'm curious to check some of the other ones out too. Maybe after I finish it on Normal mode first, we'll see.

If anyone else is playing, let me know so I can add you to my social player thingy. Yes, I'm not that up on the buddy system, haha, but I don't have anyone on there now and wouldn't mind playing with people from time to time. :)
Wow, it really has been ages since I wrote anything here. I could've sworn I'd done a post since I got back to Newfoundland but it doesn't look like it, huh. Well, where to start? For the sake of brevity (and also because I've likely forgotten a lot of details / things) I'll do most of this in bullet point form.

· We saw Bruce Springsteen play in Philadelphia at the Wells Fargo Center back on March 28th, and wow. Just an amazing show, can't even put it into words, at least not in any form that'd do it justice. The theme for the night was changes, very fitting for us, and they were in top form. The tributes to Danny and Clarence brought tears to my eyes, and the tribute to the Big Man during 10th Avenue Freeze-Out was a religious experience. Heck, the whole show was, to me anyway. So very happy I got to see them live, and even happier I got to share that with [ profile] believeitup.

· We left on Monday, April 2nd to drive back to Canada. The 10' U-Haul truck I'd reserved wasn't available so they bumped us up to a 14' one at no cost. It was for the best in the end, even if it was hella intimidating to have to drive a 22' long vehicle that far (the storage was 14', truck and all was 22' total x.x), because we had a bigger cab and that meant more room for Simon in his carrier and us. It was a great trip, getting to see friends along the way and lots of scenery, though it was rough on poor Simon who consequently made it rough on us, heh. But we survived, and so did Simon, who's pretty settled into his new digs now. :)

· We arrived in NL on Good Friday and have been steadily unpacking and straightening things away ever since. We're getting there, though there's always going to be something else to do; such is the nature of home ownership, or so I'm told. It's been going so well though, getting government IDs and programs set up, a new car for the missus, all that administrative stuff has gone very well and honestly faster than expected. The unpacking too has been nice, though I don't know if it's that from this weekend or a touch of the flu that has me so so so congested this morning, ugh.

· We have HD set up at home now, woo, and a lightning fast internet connection that omg I am so happy with. Both I guess, really, because HD rocks. So nice to finally be able to use the TV we got so long ago. Getting used to the PVR too, I've set up a few shows to record, it's great. Hockey in HD is awesome too, though it made watching my boys bow out of the playoffs tough. >.> In truth we had gone to bed for overtime of Game 7 of the Boston/Washington series and both of us had nodded off and missed the OT goal that clinched it for the Caps, haha. Alas. We have mainlined Community and are now caught up and watching it in real time (last week's Law & Order one was omg amazing), and are now making our way through Parks and Recreation. We've also watched a lot of Storage Wars and Pawn Stars, as you do.

· Writing has been horrible for me, sadly, and I feel like a total failure in that vein, because I really have been. I've been so slow and absent for XP the last month, though I'm hopefully turning the corner on that one. I bowed out of the two Big Bangs I'd signed up for because I couldn't write anything, and I have a little story due today for a 1k fic exchange that I really need to tidy up and send off by the end of the day. That'll be about the only thing I've accomplished in the last month or more, which is pretty sad, but it'll be ok.

· In gaming news, I've preordered both Diablo III and Guild Wars 2 and am looking forward to them both. I've had trouble installing the former which I should work on tonight, as it goes live on May 15th, but there was a beta for the latter this past weekend that was pretty fun. It looks like a great little MMO, and I haven't really touched LOTRO in so long, so we'll see what happens I guess. I've also been toying with proposing a D&D campaign by mail to people in XP but honestly I've been so absent lately I don't think it'd be proper to throw that out there all of a sudden, haha. "Hey guys, I'm not rping much at all lately but let's do something else where I can fail you! :D" I know, I know, too negative, but I am messing around and making characters so once I've done that (and once I've been better at tagging logs and such) we'll see. :)

That's about it really, I suppose. There's likely more to post about but it's almost lunch time and I'm staaaaaarving, so if anything else comes to me I'll make another post or something. And hopefully I'll be posting here again more regularly too, that might help with the whole writing thing, you know, actually writing and all. XD

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