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Hi dear author,

First off, thank you for writing me something, and I'm sure I'll love whatever it is you decide to write! I can't wait to see what you come up with, and hopefully you've had fun writing it as well.

I'm not all that picky when it comes to requests, as you'll no doubt see when you read my notes below. Happy endings, sad endings, major character death, angst, AUs, all are ok with me. The only things I really don't want to see are incest, underage, rape/non-con, and dubcon, please.

This is my first time signing up for this exchange and I must admit, my requests/preferences are all pretty vanilla. Which should hopefully make it easier for you, now that I think about it. :)

With that being said, here's some more specific comments on the fandoms I've requested:

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Jane Foster/Darcy Lewis
I've written lots of drabbles for this pairing but nothing really lengthy. It's maybe my favourite pairing from MCU, and I'd love to see whatever you'd like to write. Whether it's post first movie, an AU, or something else entirely, I'd just like to see anything with them both in it really.

Pitch Perfect: Chloe Beale/Beca Mitchell, Chloe Beale/Aubrey Posen
I'm definitely a Beca/Chloe shipper, from the moment I first saw the shower scene in the first movie in the theatre. Which, incidentally, got me interested in writing femslash fic in the first place, I suppose, now that I think about it. Huh. But yes, I ship them completely and would love whatever you'd like to offer. Feel free to ignore the second movie if you'd like to substitute your own events as well. With Chloe/Aubrey I didn't initially like it but it grew on me from reading other fics. In my head it's move of a pre-movie thing but if you'd like to go beyond that it's fine too. Also randomly in my head!canon Aubrey went on to become a lawyer, which isn't really a huge detail but it's one I've always pictured.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Jemma Simmons/Leo Fitz/Skye | Daisy Johnson
This is an odd request, I know, but I've had an idea for a fic of this nature in my head for ages and I just haven't been able to put it into writing. I'm curious to see if anyone else has a take on it, and would be interested to see how someone else goes about it. In my mind Skye becomes almost like a conduit or facilitator for them, it's kinda hard to explain, but I'm open to whatever approach you'd like to take. :)

Freeform tags for all (where applicable):
Awkward Sex, Couch Sex, Established Relationship, Floor Sex, Hair-pulling, High Heels, Lazy/Gentle Sex, Naked Cuddling, Phone Sex, Porn Watching, Quiet Sex, Rain Sex, Rough Sex, Sharing Clothes, Shower Sex

Thank you again for whatever you do write for me, I'm sure it'll be awesome and I can't wait to read it! :D

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