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BioShock Infinite - The Last Variable - A lovely fix-it fic where Elizabeth helps a stubborn Booker overcome his pride and give his daughter what she really needs, her father. Beautifully done.

Black Books - Top 20 Amazon Best Sellers of 2015 (as reviewed by Bernard Black, Manny Bianco, and Fran Katzenjammer for Black Books) - A fantastically well-executed idea for the truculent trio to review the best sellers of 2015, presented in both an image-based version and a text one.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV) - A Margaret Thatcher Kind of Night - Yuleporn Jake/Amy fic that gets right to it, in the only, inimitable way that Jake Peralta very likely does it.

The Cabin in the Woods - Potential - Have you ever wondered "what if Jules was a slayer?" Wonder no more, because this nails it right on the head.

Clone High - Higher Education: School Daze - Gateway to the Future - The clones are going to college - or are they? A nice little slice-of-life fic from a show that ended way too soon, voices are down to a tee here.

Father Ted - it's all the rage on the mainland - My gift this year (thanks again author!), this is a fantastic fic that reads like a complete episode of the show. Everyone sounds perfectly in character and the hijinks are 100% of the Craggy Island variety.

National Public Radio RPF - This American Life episode 141: A Whole New World. (Transcript) - A script from a TAL episode featuring Steve Rogers, Hermione Granger, and Susan Pevensie. Brilliant idea and perfectly executed, right down to the voice of the narrator Ira Glass and how it reads like an actual episode. Fantastic.
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