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So, I'm decided that I'm going to participate in this year's Fandom Snowflake Challenge! Today's challenge is to write a rec for three or more of your own fanworks, so here you go:

Will You Call My Name?

A Beca/Chloe Pitch Perfect fic I wrote for Yuletide. It's the longest thing I've ever posted there, clocking in at just over 12k, and I had such a fun time writing it you guys. It's far from perfect, it's not really that good even looking back, but I wrote it not too long after seeing the movie and getting into the fandom and was so excited as I wrote it.

That wasn't my first Yuletide (it was my second though haha) but it really cemented my love for the exchange and for posting on AO3 in general - I wrote a lot more frequently after that.

Preach and Desist

A little Father Ted fic I wrote as a treat for someone last Yuletide. It didn't take me all that long, as the inspiration fortunately came to me fairly quickly and I just blurbed the whole thing out in one sitting. I know they say only a fool laughs at his own jokes but I still giggle my ass off when I reread this, heh. I just love the show so much and it was very fun to write the characters, I don't think I could do them justice in anything longer than something like this though.

The 'New' Roommate

My assignment for this year's Yuletide (sensing a theme here, hmm), and another comedic piece. I think I fare better with those than I do with anything else I write, or so it seems. I'm a huge fan of this show and have written a couple of things now for it, and I love writing each of the characters in it for different reasons. Nick in particular is a blast to write, I really had fun coming up with his dialogue.

The main reason I think I like writing comedy, now that I think about it, is that it tends to focus on dialogue more so than other genres, and I think I'm much better with dialogue than I am with descriptive writing.

Mrry Crisms.

Another Yuletide treat, this time from this year, and one of the few comic pieces I've attempted to create. I only recently started reading the current Hawkeye run and am a huge fan, especially of Kate Bishop who is amazing. I'm not caught up with it yet but I really want to be, and when I saw someone requesting this I just had to take a shot (ZING!) at it.

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