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So, it's November, which means NaNo and Yuletide are on the go. I found inspiration for both, kind of, by perusing the Dear Author letters for Yuletide prior to November, finding an awesome suggestion for something that I think could work as a long story. It's not to whom I was assigned in the end, not even the same fandom, but how awesome would it be to get a 50k+ treat for Yuletide, haha? So I went with it, but have stalled out very early on at like, what, 1300 words or so. :/

I haven't even started my main assignment yet, which requires catching up a bit on the fandom - I knew that'd be likely when I offered it and yet I still did, and now can't find the DVDs which I'm sure I previously bought to watch grr arg - and I have apps for XP to do too, and yet. Nothing is coming out.

I've been at my desktop for the last bit, which has a whole host of other issues: the computer chair I use is broke-ish, meaning I can't lean back or else I'll fall out, which bothers my back after awhile (and has indirectly lead to me gaming more on the consoles as they're used while I'm on the couch, now that I think about it), and the effing wireless headset I have is pretty much dead now. I broke one of the sides of it awhile ago but taped it up and have still been using it, but now it cuts out way too often, a few times a minute even, grrr. Going to have to get a cheap pair of plug in ones instead I think, completely unplugged it and cast it aside tonight, so fed up in general so that was the breaking point hah. I need a new set anyway, but yeah.

Also I've had a bad foot for like the last week now, which it looks like it may be gout. Both sides of my family have diabetes so I wasn't sure what was going on, and I had a great aunt who actually had her legs amputated because of it, so I was a little freaked out last week and made Sara take me to the ER at like 1 in the morning last Tuesday. It was nothing like that thankfully but they said it could be gout. It got better for awhile but over the weekend it's flared up again and today it was still sore and painful at times. I popped some more Tylenol and need to make a doctor's appointment but I have no idea when I'll actually get time to see someone. Work is so effing busy still, even with three of us there now, and that's a whole 'nother rant I don't want to have now, ugh.

Ok, off for bed, because it's ok I don't have my apps finished and it's ok that I have very little done for NaNo or Yuletide, and it's ok I can't play all the games I keep buying but don't get around to playing for awhile, etc. etc. So easy to get down on myself but I know I shouldn't, but still. Mreh. Sleep will help, as will some time off which I should remind myself to look into tomorrow, even if it's just a long weekend or something, because I think I really need it.

Date: 2014-11-12 03:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] lethendy.livejournal.com
Cherries are really good for combating gout - something to do with their anti-inflammatory properties. My mom swears by them! Also, track what you're eating to see what (if anything) sets off a flare-up; for some people it's shellfish, for some red meat. Doesn't mean you can't eat them at all, but you might need to cut back, or at least not have steak one night and then lobster the next!!

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