Nov. 5th, 2013 11:08 pm
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Keep meaning to do this but keep getting side tracked, so in the interest of time here's a little update by way of bullet points beneath the cut.

· Work has been going well but omg is it ever busy. I knew what I was getting into for the most part but I didn't think we'd be this flat out. I have almost a full month's worth of time entries to make on what I've done lately, as I started to do time entry in our computer system at the end of the day when I could but haha that's impossible lately. 99% of my time is in court, and some days (most lately) I have 2-3+ matters to do. It's kind of crazy but I do actually like it, go figure. Things should calm down soon though which is good.

· I've been writing more in general, I suppose, though not as much as I want to do. I'm trying NaNo this year as I always do, and I have an idea I really like, but I've only got 700 words done so far. There's a fic exchange that has a deadline of this Saturday so I need to get that done first and it's being very long and unending thus far, haha. Which is great, I like writing long fic, but I also kind of want to wrap it up to work on NaNo, and maybe Yuletide too. We'll see, at least something's coming out, for which I should be grateful compared to lately.

· Music has been interesting lately, with me finally changing things up and breaking out of my rap phase to check out and fall in love with Arctic Monkeys. I like the new Pearl Jam album too on the first few listens, though I'm not crazy about the new Arcade Fire. I've picked up the new Avett Brothers album too but have yet to listen to it, it's sitting in front me as I write and my plan is to listen to it on the way to the city in the morning.

· Sara's got me checking out some manga, after she convinced me to give Attack of Titan a try in both manga and anime formats, though I still need to catch up on both of those. I picked up a title on my own called Soul Eater and am enjoying it so far, though I haven't read all that much of it yet. It's different for sure but that's not a bad thing at all.

· In other reading news I finished book one of the Newsflesh Trilogy and I loved it, though man. Man. No spoilers for those who may want to read it but I dove into the second book right away to see what's going on, heh. I like it though and even nominated it for Yuletide this year and I'm hoping to see some fic written in that universe out of it, we'll see.

· I've been thinking about dropping a character in XP too, though I dunno. I keep wavering between dropping and keeping, though I think I'm on the side of keeping now, at least today, haha. I just haven't been active lately and I dunno. Part of me wants to drop one to maybe come back in the new year and perhaps apply for someone else to make things new and interesting again, but the more of that I don't think that's the right approach to take. Especially if time is the issue here, it'd be more wasteful to pick someone else up and throw them into the mix only to find I still don't have the time to play often, so I'm just going to see how it goes, I think.

· In general things have been going well. The busy factor is through the roof for both of us, but hopefully routine will kick in and we'll revert back to some degree of normalcy in the near future. Things are great overall though and it's a huge difference from even three months ago,a nd hopefully it'll only continue to get better. :)

Date: 2013-11-06 04:11 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] frito-kal.livejournal.com
Re: char in XP - might be worth hitting the list for ideas. I think both of yours have some good plot potential, and some very interesting places they could go development wise. Just might need some chewing on?

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