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Review of Man of Steel under the cut. As the cut says, warning for serious spoilers within.

I went and saw this with my cousin, who's a huge Superman fan, and who was extremely excited to see it. I'm more of a Batman fan than a Superman one, but I was still looking forward to it too. Unfortunately, neither of us walked out of the theatre happy with what we saw.

A good bit of what I want to say has already been said in Mark Waid's review of the movie. Disaster porn is a good way to put it, because wow. And not seeing Superman make even the slightest effort to avoid it, well. It didn't ring true at all.

There were other problems too, for me at least. Lois Lane wasn't really given any backstory at all, and didn't seem Lois Lane-esque at times either: her line "what if I have to tinkle?" early on and not fighting Perry on his denial of her article didn't seem right, although with the latter she later leaked it herself, which seems like a thing she'd do, but I thought she'd have fought harder for it initially. Her and Clark hardly had 5 minutes of interaction on camera as well, the whole relationship seemed forced. It's like they relied on the audience taking it for granted that it's canon and not developing or showing hardly any of it, I really didn't like that. And then he goes looking for her at some government base, I'm not sure how he even knew she was there, and after they're outside and holding hands and it's just, what? Where was it all coming from? Because she tracked him down by talking to, what, 3-4 people in that montage?

Which leads to another sore point - "how do you find someone who spent his whole life covering his tracks?" she said, or something - what? They don't explain or show that either, he's just there on a fishing boat early in the movie, and then working at a bar/restaurant or something, then at a military installation. It just struck me as disjointed and hard to follow, and unexplained. I dunno. Maybe it's just me, because later when you see how his father dies, and what his father continually warns him about, not fitting in and the fear of people discovering him, isolation makes sense, but they really could've explained / shown that better, I think anyway.

And his father, I... Mark Waid's review talks about liking this point, how when Clark asks his father should he have just let the kids on that school bus die, Jonathan says "maybe?" Wut. I. I know he wasn't just saying "sure, fuck 'em, let 'em die!" but I really didn't like that.

Speaking of characters, all the men/women with Zod, they were just there as well, including the female warrior who gave Supes a run for his money, but who was she? Maybe I missed it, I dunno, but a lot of it just seemed hand wave-y and forced / rushed or something.

Then there's all the plot holes, like someone pointed out somewhere (my cousin read it out to me from a review he read on his phone as I drove us out, so not sure where he got it), why did Zod even demand to take Lois Lane with him on his ship near the end? She was clearly there as a plot device to insert the codex into the ship and everything, but why was she even there? I just. Rararar.

I didn't like the ending, either, with Clark deciding to go "undercover" at the Planet, after, what, the entire globe likely seeing video footage of him fighting these alien forces or whatever they might've thought they were. In the age of cell phone videos and pictures and everything, his face would've been everywhere, and it's after that he becomes Clark Kent? Just seems implausible to me, backwards like that, if he'd been Clark Kent at the Planet first then yeah, maybe people would claim that Superman looks a lot like him, but the other way around, I just didn't think it worked.

And speaking of people in general, for a good chunk of the movie his parents, and even Perry White a little, expounded on how the world wasn't ready for him, how it would fear him and what would happen if he was discovered omg? Cut to when he's made public and... nothing. No reactions shown at all of what people thought of Superman, good or bad, who he is, what he's doing, etc. Spiderman always plays this up bigtime, and Superman seemed to be heading that way, using that message over and over, and then does nothing with it. I don't get it.

The more I think about it, the more I dislike it. Which is sad because I really wanted to like it, and I feel even worse for my cousin who desperately wanted it to succeed. I think it just tried to cover too much ground and cut out too much, maybe if they'd just done his origin story and didn't try to fit Zod into it as well they would've done better. More Lois/Clark backstory was needed, I think, and also where was Jimmy Olsen? That's a minor gripe I know but there were these other reporters with Perry (that whole sequence was unnecessary and felt like filler too, them in the rubble and whatnot, I feel) so why not actually use him?

Ugh, ok, I need to stop typing and thinking about it. I did like the action sequences and the way they shot them, they were very well done, but the plot, the characters, the reasons why they were fighting / where they were fighting (i.e. Supes just destroying all those buildings and likely killing/injuring people as bad as the bad guys), it all just... yeah. Didn't like it, and I'm sad that I didn't like it.

Date: 2013-06-28 10:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] beanarie.livejournal.com
Wow, Jeff. This a really well thought out review. You should keep doing these things! I haven't even seen the movie and you totally convinced me to not even bother.

Date: 2013-06-30 02:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] canadiandiamond.livejournal.com
Aww, thanks buddy! I feel a little bad for not liking it because I wanted to so much, but yeah. :/

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